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Dominik Hussl has been an avid motorcycle enthusiast since he was a teenager. Growing up with a friend who had a father that was very much ingrained in to the biker life. Ever since then he has had a love for motorcycles. 

Dominik has written articles on various subjects since then but still tends towards leaning towards having a love for all things two wheeled and even four wheels if they go fast enough.

This passion has led to him constantly owning and riding motorcycles of all types from sport bikes to cruisers.  He currently has a chopper and a sportbike to go throw in to the wind when time permits.

Brake Pads Rotors Brake Lines ( 0 )

Brake Pads, Rotors and Brake Lines for Motorcycles.

Brake pads and rotors are vital motorcycle parts. these parts need to be maintained at all times in order to insure proper braking power. Motorcycle acceleration is generally way faster then that of cars so it is essential to also have the braking power to stop when needed.

We carry brake pads, rotors and brake lines by the following manufacturers: Braking power under control, DP Brakes, EBC brakes, sbs, Parts Unlimited, Vesrah, Russel Brake Lines, Goodridge, Magnum. 

Brake pads need to be changed periodically depending on the pads and your riding style. The higher performance brake pads the faster they generally wear out. This is a trade off because you get better braking out of them but they wear out faster. Also pads are much cheaper then replacing rotors so you don't wont to wear them down to the point wear your rotors get ruts in them and don't work properly. A screwed up front rotor can be a real hazard to the rider.

Rotors also play a vital role in braking. Vented ones are usually best to dissipate the heat that is given off by repeated braking. I personally like cast iron rotors. They need a little more care but to me they grab better then other rotors.

Brake lines are the other component that needs periodic maintenance. The lines over time expand or become brittle which causes you to lose pressure in the line and therefore stopping power is affected. Steel braided brake lines are a good choice because they are not prone to this where regular rubber lines are. Kevlar lines are also a great alternative to stock ones.

We carry a full assortment of lines, pads and rotors if you do not see them on the site please contact us as to the availability.

Chains And Sprockets ( 0 )

Chains and Sprockets for Motorcycles.

We carry chains and sprockets by the following manufacturers: Renthal, Sun Star, Parts Unlimited, JT Sprockets, RK Racing Chain, DID, EK, Tsubaki, Regina, Moose, Dayco Rear Drive belts, Motion Pro Chain tools.

Sprockets are one of the things that you can change out in order to improve top end or midrange grunt as well as low end performance. Generally it is not recommended unless you have made modifications to your machine that would justify a change in sprocket gearing. Of course sprockets need to be changed periodically because they do wear out. Usually when a tooth or two is missing its time to change the sprocket to keep you chain from jumping of f and causing damage to your bike or yourself. There are usually two one front and one rear sprocket both can be manipulated by going up and down in how many teeth it has. Generally more teeth means better top end and less teeth means more low end and mid range grunt. So really think about what you want out of your motorcycle before deviating from the stock set up on your bike.

Chains are a vital component of any motorcycle that is chain driven. Some bikes are also belt driven or have a combination of a belt and chain drive. We do carry belts as well. Chains tend to last depending on how hard you ride and the quality of your chain. A good quality chain should last a while where a cheap one might wear out rather quickly. Chain tools are among the items we carry in order to offer you everything you need to maintain your bike.

If you are looking for an item and you do not see it on our site please contact us and let us try and find the item for you.

Emerson Knives ( 0 )

The Emerson knife is the hardest working knife available today.

 It is used by some of the most elite combat groups as well as anti terrorist groups and police departments in the country and the world. Emerson knives features many different types of blades for different uses.

Lets talk a bit about the founder of Emerson.

Ernest Emerson is the fore most authority on knives and their tactical applications as well as the development of tactical knives. So you can bet that the knives that are produced by this company are of the highest quality since the founder is an authority on the subject of knife fighting and trains some of the worlds most elite military and law enforcement agencies in the art of fighting with a knife as well as how to defend against such attacks. He also has a video out that is now available to the public which teaches you the use of his Karambit combat folder. This video not only teaches how to use that particular knife however it is focused on that particular blade. It teaches some basic techniques on how to use any knife, however you will get the full benefit of the video if you invest in a combat karambit folder. I have one myself and it is my every day companion. I have had many quality knives over the years and have never had a blade that inspires the confidence that this particular blade does.

The wave opening feature is one of the impressive features that can be found on Emerson knives. The wave feature allows you to open the knife as you pull it out of your pocket. Therefore it is ready for use by the time it comes out of you pocket. This feature makes the blades that have it equal to having a fixed blade in accessibility. Once you play with one for a bit you will see what I mean. Equally impressive is the handle design on all of the knives that I have been privileged to handle. So far all have been equally comfortable in a regular or a reverse grip. As much time seems to have been spent on designing the handle as the rest of the knife.

There are over 30 different models currently available I will give some descriptions below of some of my favorites.

Number 1 is going to have to be the Combat Karambit Folder.

This knife is based on an ancient Indonesian utility knife that was in use for self protection as well as everyday use. This knife has an overall length of 6.8 inches and a blade length of 2.6 in, a rockwell hardness of 57-59. This knife is razor sharp and chisel ground. It comes with the patented emerson wave opening feature which allows you to open the knife and make it ready for use by just pulling it out of your pocket. It can be rigged for reverse deployment as well as standard grip deployment.  The Karambit comes in several variations there is the Commander, Bullnose and CQC-7 Karambit folder.

Next would be the Waved CQC-8 also called the Bannana knife by SAS troopers.

This knife features the wave feature as well as having the option of switching the clip for carry on the left or right as well as reverse deployment if you want. This knife is very nicely balanced. The overall length of this knife is 9.3 inches, the blade is 3.9 inches and it has a Rockwell hardness of 57-59 RC.  You also have the option of a regular blade or a combo edge, which is a serrated and regular blade combo. The serrated edge is very handy for things like cutting seatbelts. Which makes it a necessary feature for law enforcement and EMS or anyone that works accidents.

The Emerson Commander won the coveted  "Best overall knife of the year" at the international blade show in Atlanta GA. It is one model that sells the most. This knife has been battle tested over and over again. It is currently already in use by elite armed forces like: certain US Navy seal teams, elite European military strike teams as well as NATO counter terrorist units. It features the patented wave opening feature with dragons teeth serrations. The overall length of the knife is 8.75 inches, and the blade is 3.75 inches. This blade comes in 6 different variations. Also available is the Mini Commander which is essentially the same knife in a more compact version.

The Police SARK is a great knife for law enforcement.

It features the wave opening feature for easy opening and a combo edge. Comes in 6 different combinations. The overall length of this knife is 8 inches and the blade is 3.4 inches It also has a Rockwell hardness of 57-59 RC.


Goggles And Sunglasses ( 0 )

Goggles and Sunglasses for all riders.

Goggles and sunglasses are a vital element of riding especially if you live in a state that does not have helmet laws or you ride with a skull cap, half helmet or any type of open face helmet and you decided to go without a helmet. We carry the following brands of motorcycle goggles and sunglasses: Scott, Smith, Optic Nerve, Eye Ride, Bobster, Galindo, PCS, Biker Chix. 

Goggles keep the wind out of your eyes and stop the glare from the sun if they are tinted. There are some higher priced goggles that tint during the day and lighten at night for anytime riding. I always got aggravated by the wind blowing in my eyes, now I have a pair of bobster spektrax sunglasses / goggles and no more tears or red eyes after riding. These have interchangeable lenses so you can ride at night or during the day all you have to do is change the lens out which is easy to do on these babies.  Also if you want that classic goggle look EMGO makes some aviator type goggles that look cool, they are padded with a chrome finish.

Biker Chix sunglasses are a nice edition to the line made for women. These sunglasses are designed for smaller faces. Great looking sunglasses made for women. Wraparound styling to available with narrow, medium and wide bows. 

Smith also makes some nice shades especially the slider series which comes with interchangeable lenses that just slide out the top for a quick change. Three pairs of polarized carbonic lenses are included. These are great sunglasses for any sport.

grips, levers, mirrors ( 4 )


Grips, Levers and Mirrors for most Bikes.


Grips levers and mirrors to customize your motorcycle and give it that individuality and identity to set it apart from the rest of the bikes in the parking lot. 

We carry a full assortment of grips, levers and mirrors by : Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited, Johar of California, Renthal, Progrip, Galindo Designs,  Grab on, Hot Grips,  Arlen Ness Ness Tech, Pro1, Jardine, Emgo, Napoleon, Ken Sean.

Grips come in various assortments depending on the intended application. Sport grips are made with more aggressive riding in mind they tend to be made of rubber or filled with gel if they are sport touring. Motor cross grips tend to just be a rubber piece to go over the bars. Cruisers get more elaborate grips with different designs. Some chrome with rubber for grip. Cruisers also get different types of designs on the ends like skulls, flying eagles or spikes for that hardcore biker look.  Some were also leather covered instead of rubber. Cruiser grips are made from a lot more varied materials then others things like billet aluminum, leather or a combination of the two are used.

Clutch and Brake Levers are another trick little item that you can use to customize your cruiser or sport bike. Sport bike levers tend to have nifty little adjustments on them so you can customize the feel to your own liking. They are made out of things like carbon fiber for weight reduction, chromed steel or billet aluminum. Cruiser levers on the other hand are more beefy looking and most of the time are chromed or billet aluminum.

Mirrors are just as varied as the levers and grips. they are available in chrome or carbon fiber as well as plastic covered. Stock oem tend to be plastic covered or painted. Sport bikes get the short end of the stick on this the most trick you can hope for a carbon fiber covers on mirrors where cruisers get nice chrome custom mirrors with designs like flames and skulls on them made from steel that is chromed or billet aluminum.

Mirrors clutch and brake levers are just another inexpensive way to customize your ride to your tastes and liking. No one does it quite the same even though most riders use the same manufactured pieces the way you put yours together are what makes it unique and reflects your personal style and taste.

Handlebars Risers And Controls ( 6 )

Handlebars, Risers and Controls for Motorcycles.

We have a full selection of handlebars, risers and controls made by the following manufacturers: Flanders, Show Chrome, Cobra, Pro1,  Arlen Ness Ness-Tech, Drag Specialties, Magura, and Jardine.

If you do not see your application listed in our online catalog please contact us and we can see if we can get the part you need for your application.

Flanders Handlebars are some of the nicest bars around. the selection they offer is quite vast. Drag bars, mini apes, cruiser style, ape hangers and all sorts of handlebars with varying degrees of bend are available by flanders. Bars are available for American and metric cruisers alike. They also make a nice set of risers for 1" bars. Handlebars come in two sizes 7/8" or 1" .  Flanders has been manufacturing handlebars since 1945. All their bars are made from high quality seamless cold drawn steel tubing.  this tubing is polished and bent using the mandrel method which eliminates unsightly flat outer sections. They are the finished with a rich chrome or black powder coating.

Show Chrome make a variety of motorcycle accessories made from chrome to enhance the look and customize your ride. They make a nice set of Handlebar risers for the Honda valkyrie.

Cobra manufactures many different parts for all types of motorcycles from sport bikes to cruisers. Bar risers and billet handlebar clamps are available by this manufacturer for honda and kawasaki cruiser bikes.

Pro1  also makes a nice 4" handlebar riser kit made to fit all Royal Star, Road Star and V-Star models.

Arlen Ness  a name that is well known thru out the biker world has some nice blind hole handlebar clamps as well as brake and clutch lever sets available. Arlen is one of the first ever custom bike builders and has developed quite a nice line of motorcycle accessories for metric cruisers and american made scooters.

Drag Specialties has some nice upper clamps available.

Magura  makes hydraulic brake lever, clutch lever and choke lever assemblies. Made to look like OEM.

Jardine  another well known manufacturer of various motorcycle aftermarket parts makes billet handlebars, risers and mounting kits for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha cruiser bikes.

Autometer Pro Cycle Gauges  are now available. We carry Tachometers and Shift lights for serious motorcycle builders or racers. Not that these quality tachometers can’t be used on recreational motorcycles.

Dakota Digital Gauges are a great addition to any custom bike project.

Motorcycle Accessories ( 16 )

Motorcycle Accessories.

 We carry many motorcycle accessories for sport bikes and cruisers alike. Our online catalog is constantly being added too so check back often. Currently we carry Accessories by: Cobra, Jardine, Gorilla, Kuryakyn, ProOne, Arlen Ness, landmark and more.

Our Online catalog currently has many bits for your bike. We have road radios for cruisers and alarms for sport bike and cruiser’s. Things like floorboards, and chrome rectifier covers for our cruiser fans and Fender eliminator Kits, Fairings and Huggers for Sport Bikes.   

Cruiser accessories are an excellent way to customize the look of your cycle as well as adding more comfort and amenities to the whole riding experience. 

Alarm systems are available from Gorilla and the Thunder page motorcycle alarm system made to fit all Harley Davidson cycles. This system features a pager that lets you know when someone is tempering with your ride. The pager has a 2 mile range. The gorilla alarm system is one of the accessories we carry to give you a method of protecting your bike. The Gorilla Alarm system is made to virtually fit all types of motorcycles.  

Several types of fenders are available for all you cruiser fans. We have a wide selection of fenders to choose from by Jesse James and Daytec.  

A Road Radio is a great addition to any Harley and we have along with a digital antenna for better reception. Jardine makes some great chrome and billet Accessories for cruisers. We carry items like chrome oil filters covers, Light Bars with spotlights, and floorboards by Jardine. A custom shifter linkage is another great accessory to add a custom look to your ride. Our online catalog contains several different styles of shifter linkage to choose from.  

Sport Bike accessories come in a variety of bits anything from frame slider to huggers. Lets go over a few of the sport bike accessories we have available.  

A Fender Eliminator Kit is probably one of the first things that most people get for their sport bike. Most sport bikes come with a stock system which contains a huge piece of plastic for your license plate and some telescoping blinkers. This really takes away form the sleek designs that most sport bikes have therefore a fender eliminator kit is one of the first things to get to get the bike more of a race look. We have fender eliminator kits by Jardine and Competition Werkes.  

Carbon Fiber is to a sport bike like what chrome is to a cruiser. Most of today’s sport bikes use carbon fiber accessories to accent the bike as well as to reduce weight. We have some really trick looking carbon fiber bits by Art Carbon for your sport bike. 

A Tinted Windscreen is another must for a custom look on a sport bike. V-Flow makes a nice windscreen that comes in many colors including chrome. 

The list above is a highlight of the cruiser and sport bike accessories we carry in our online catalog. We are always adding more items so come back frequently or sign up for our rss product feed.

Motorcycle Boots ( 11 )

Motorcycle Boots for Sport Riders as well as Old School Biker Boots.

Boots for street riding and track days. Motorcycle boots are an important piece of riding gear.

Motorcycle boots are made by many different manufacturers and come in many styles some colorful some plain, and then there are the classic Harley Davidson engineer boots. We carry boots from the following manufacturers: Alpinestars, Icon, Agvsport, Double H.

Women and men's sizes are available. Sport riders tend to prefer more reinforced armored foot wear. Like alpinestars supertech boot with removable liner that features a biomechanically designed inner structure, the internal brace has a patent pending lateral torsion bar system for ankle support. As well as a ventilated heel guard, aluminum heel slider. these are typical specifications for sport riding foot wear.

Icon makes some short boots that is almost a combination combat tennis shoe. Very strong and durable and awesome looking footwear. Icon foot wear also has some armor and reinforcing integrated in to the shoe.

Double H makes more of a classic looking motorcycle boot for men and women. If you are looking for a more classic biker type look Double H has some nice woman and gents motorcycle boot. This is definitely classic looking biker footwear. Black , sturdy with classic buckle and strap look.

Keep your feet safe and look cool in footwear designed with the rider in mind. Comfort and safety features as well as a complete biker look.

Motorcycle Gear ( 10 )


Quality Motorcycle Gear Looks Great and Lasts.

The Best Motorcycle Jackets For Sale Online It is time to get motorcycles back out on the road as the weather starts to warm up and the days last longer. It is also important that you have the appropriate motorcycle gear to really enjoy a good ride. The proper riding gear can make a difference in feeling comfortable during the ride and of course it is also imperative for safety. Many riders don’t have time to go to the store to buy motorcycle apparel, so they naturally turn to the internet; the problem with so many web-based companies is they don’t have quality merchandise.

When you shop with us, you know that you are getting quality brand name merchandise that will look good, last longer, and keep you safer. The motorcycle gear we offer may not be as cheap as some stores and websites, but that is because it is brand name riding apparel and not some cheap look-alike, you can count on this gear lasting for years and that the quality of it will be worth every penny.

As gas prices keep increasing, more people will be buying motorcycles, and they may be wondering why they should buy specific gear to ride their bike. The most obvious reason is that wearing appropriate motorcycle gear can make a huge difference in the event of an accident. Just like no one should drive a car without a seatbelt and airbags, the appropriate motorcycle gear is just as important. A good leather jacket will not only keep you comfortable as the wind whips past you as you ride down the road, but in the event of an accident, it can help save you from serious road rash and abrasions by acting as armor to keep you safe. It doesn’t hurt that it adds a certain style that makes you look good as you ride. We have motorcycle jackets that will keep that wind out and will protect you in the event of an accident. AGV Makes The Best Motorcycle Helmets For Sale.

Wearing the right motorcyle boots can be just as important as the right jacket. When you’re riding, it is important your feet don’t slip. You need boots with good rubber soles and with heels that are substantial enough keep your feet in place. Good leather biker boots also keep your feet protected from cold wind, as well as offering you protection from road rash and serious injury in the event of an accident. Just like a good riding jacket, good boots make you look good and let others know about your sense of style.

A good safe motorcycle helmet is  probably the most important piece of safety equipment you can own. You’ll find great, safe helmets in all kinds of styles that have been appropriately safety tested to make sure your cranium stays intact. Our helmets are all quality proven and safe so they will not only keep you safe but also in style. Most of the helmets we carry are DOT or Snell approved. These qualifications mean that they have been tested to safety standards set by those entities.

Riding a motorcycle is and enjoyable way to drive around and experience the world, and with the cost of gas, a motorcycle is also a more cost effective mode of transportation than cars or pickups. Having the right motorcycle gear is a must to keep you safe and comfortable. We  carry a large variety of quality gear that looks good and keeps you safe for you to choose from in our online motorcycle store.

Motorcycle gloves ( 10 )

Motorcycle Gloves for Sport Riders or Just Cruising.

Gloves come in all shapes sizes, colors and models. We carry a full assortment of motorcycle gloves from gauntlet to short.

Currently our selection of gloves consists of gloves from the following manufacturers: Alpinestars, AGV Sport, Icon, Hatch, Mechanix Wear, Moose, Z1R Vented Gloves.

Gloves come in as many variations as there are riders. From vented gloves and fingerless for cruising to sport gloves that are reinforced with kevlar and hard carbon fiber armor on the knuckles and top of the fingers. Some are also padded around the knuckles and the tops of the fingers. Gloves are made from a variety of materials. Most are made from leather or kevlar type mesh. The leather is usually sturdy cowhide or deer skin for softness. There are also combination gloves that are a combination of leather and a kevlar mesh material. 

We also carry mechanix wear gloves. the name says it all these gloves are made for those guys that are wrenching on your bike to keep her going. Made for extreme use to protect the hands from vibrations caused by impact wrenches and air tools. 

Chances are if you're looking for a motorcycle glove we can accommodate you. Increase your safety and comfort by wearing motorcycle gloves when your out riding.

Motorcycle gloves are definitely a necessary part of motorcycle gear. Most motorcycle gloves are made from leather. Leather motorcycle gloves come in full grain leather as well as perforated leather, which allows more air thru the glove to keep you cool, while still providing the necessary protection.  Motorcycle gloves are now also made of Kevlar re enforced materials. Which ever the case maybe if you are an avid sport rider or you like to cruise, motorcycle riding gloves are a necessary part of any good riders gear. A good set of gloves can save the skin on the palm of your hand and then some. I have seen what hands can look like after a fall without gloves. It isn’t pretty. Just recently a friend of mine took a fall at about 90 mph on the freeway he had on a shirt and his motorcycle gloves. His arm got road rash good, however not a patch of skin missing on his hands. He told me his gloves were trashed and if he didn’t have them the fall would have probably taken all the skin of his hands. He skid about 80 feet. So you see motorcycle gloves are a necessary piece of equipment to keep you in one piece. Also these days there are so many styles of gloves that there is bound to be a set that fits your style.

Motorcycle Helmets ( 23 )

Motorcycle Helmets and Do Wraps for Bikers.

A motorcycle helmet is an expression of the rider that wears the helmet. Many different styles exist today from plain color to elaborate designs and race replicas that are made to look like the helmets super bike champions wear. Like the AGV Rossi world champion helmet for example. Suomy makes a lot of replicas that allow you to wear the same gear as your favorite racer.

We carry motorcycle helmets by the following manufacturers: Scorpion, AGV, Icon, Z1R, Nolan, M2R, MDS, Erex, NFX,Thor, FX-6R.

Youth motorcycle helmets and do wraps are also available. Do wraps come in as many variations as helmets do? They are the way to avoid helmet hair although I don't know if do wrap hair is that much better except for the do rag stays on like a baseball cap without a rim. We support parents that have youth riders by also offering bike helmets for youths. When you have a child on board it’s important to keep them as safe as possible.

Motorcycle helmets are definitely a matter of personal choice and taste. I personally like the new icon helmets that have come out. Bought a black mainframe myself and love it. Anyhow there are lots of good brain buckets out there. AGV and Nolan also make some nice pieces. I like mine plain where I see a lot of people tend to go to the more elaborate design type helmets. Whichever the case may be rider safety is important and a good motorcycle helmet can save you in a spill. Most of what we carry is Snell and DOT approved or one or the other depending on the style. There are all sorts of styles available from full to half and new modular street helmets where the bottom half pops open like on the AGV GT-O modular. The type of bike tends to indicate what you wear most people on cruisers wear skull cap or half helmets where sport riders tend to wear a full face helmet. This is not to be confused with that is how it has to be I have seen plenty of guys on cruisers with full face helmets on too. The norm just tends to be half or skull cap types for riders on cruisers. You decide on what you feel comfortable and safest with. It is important to pick a brain bucket that will fit you properly and not be uncomfortable. If it is uncomfortable no matter how cool it may look you will likely not wear it for long.

We carry a full assortment of all types of helmets full face, flip ups, and skull cap or half helmets for more information please contact us or visit our online motorcycle parts catalog. We are always adding more items so check back often.

Motorcycle jackets ( 4 )

Classic Style Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are probably the most nostalgic part of motorcycle riding. I personally own an originally restored leather motorcycle jacket from the 50's. Also if you will look around you can still see guys on cruisers wearing the classic looking biker jacket. Now many new materials like Mesh and Kevlar woven materials are being used in jackets. Your more modern sport bike types tend to lean more towards the newer designs or a replica of leathers that their favorite races wear. So not only are jackets like this cool to hold on to and look at but they are also an essential part of your riding gear. These babies are designed to help you prevent injuries if you ever have the misfortune of laying your ride down.

Now lets face it if you have an accident and your skin touches concrete you are in for some serious pain. Ask anyone that has ever had road rash they will tell youIcon Makse Some of the Best Leather Jackets  Around. the same. A good quality motorcycle jacket can help prevent some of that by acting as a buffer between you and the road. If you ever examine a real biker jacket versus one of the knockoffs you will find that the real thing is heavier and also the leather that is used is thicker versus one that is just made to look cool. The best motorcycle jacket in my opinion is one from a manufacturer of riding apparel. You might ask why not by a cheap knock off and save the money? You going to very quickly find that the best quality jackets are brand names like Icon, Alpinestars and AGV just to name a few. I personally own one made by Field Sheer that is now almost 15 years old and still going with very little maintenance. Where on the other hand the Cheap Leather Jacket I bought didn't even make it a year.

To maintain a leather motorcycle jacket is fairly easy, just clean off the bugs and use a leather oil from time to time to keep the leather pliable and you will have a quality piece of riding gear for a long time to come.

Now with modern technology and modern materials you can find mesh motorcycle jackets which are perfect for summer riding. If you live in a tropical climate where 9 months out of the year the heat will bake you in leather then one of the best jackets is one made of mesh. Joe Rocket amongst others make some of the best I know of. You will love the fact that you feel like you are out riding in a T shirt but still are wearing some protection to keep you safe incase of an accident. Most of the mesh type also have some armor built right in to the forearm shoulders and back to help protect you in case of a spill. Really if you live in a tropical place you just cant do without one of these as well as some vented motorcycle gloves.

So if you are going to take to the road make sure you have a good set of  boots, gloves a helmet as well and enjoy the ride.

Motorcycle Luggage ( 5 )


Motorcycle Luggage Saddlebags Tank Bags what else is there?

Motorycle Touring LuggageMotorcycle Luggage really covers a variety of storage devices that can go on a motorcycle. You can find many varieties of luggage for bikes. Pretty much any place you can mount something on a bike there is a storage device for. The most common are saddlebags or tank bags. You also have variations of the tank bag which can go on the back of the bike instead of a passenger or on a sissy bar and even one that can fit the tail of the motorcycle.

For those of us bikers that like to take the occasional road trip a set of touring bags is ideal. Touring motorcycle luggage is much larger making it possible for you too pack enough stuff to go out on the road for a while. Touring motorcycle luggage comes in many varieties; some are permanently fixed on to the bike while others are removable making them more versatile as well as making your bike more versatile. You will see motorcycle that are geared towards touring usually have a set of hard saddlebags permanently installed on them where others bikes do not offer much storage at all and therefore some sort of motorcycle luggage is needed to give you any reasonable sort of storage.Saddlebags

A set of saddlebags or a tank bag is an easy solution to your storage problems. Saddlebags are probably easiest used on cruisers as well as enhancing the look of a bike a nice leather saddlebag on a cruiser can enhance the look of the bike just like some nice well place chrome as well as giving you some place to store your stuff. Tank bags come in a few forms making them an easy on easy off solution to a lack of storage. This type of bag is usually mounted on the tank but variations that mount to the sissy bar or even the tail of the bike exist. More than anything else adding storage to you bike becomes a matter of preference. You can go with a permanent to semi-permanent option in the form of saddlebags or opt for an easily removed tank bag or some form thereof.

Tank BagYou will find that most types of storage  for motorcycles is made from nylon, leather or an imitation leather which is combined with a plastic liner or some sort of weather proofed material to keep your stuff from the elements and safe from ruin.

So when it comes to motorcycle luggage the choice is yours. With today’s many options you will be sure to find something that suits your needs and fits your motorcycle.

Visit our online motorcycle store to find a solution that is right for you. We have a large variety of storage solutions for bikes to choose from.

Feel free to call us and let us answer any questions you might have. 

Motorcycle Parts ( 5 )


Discount Motorcycle Parts and Accessories for all types of bikes whether sport bikes or cruisers, whether metric or American made.

Some of the items we carry are: Accessories, Bike Boots, Brakes, Rotors, Brake Lines, Chains, Sprockets, Exhaust Systems, Gloves, Goggles, Sunglasses, Grips, Levers, Mirrors, Handlebars, Risers, Controls, Helmets, Motorcycle Seats, Racks, Oil, Lube, Filters, Riding Apparel, Motorcycle Jackets, Pants, Shorts, Tops, Touring gear (waterproof), Saddlebags, Tank bags, Rolls, Suspension, Shocks, and Motorcycle Tires.

We carry motorcycle parts for all types of motorcycles at discount prices. We do our best to make all parts available at a cheaper price then regular retail. We are not always able to offer a significant discount on all items, however most items are available cheaper then the local motorcycle store.  On some items we can not publicly offer a discount so call us at 281-762-1283 and find out if there are any discounts available for your order.

We carry a full assortment of bike parts as well as  accessories for Cruisers as well as sport bikes. All bikes no matter  whether its a metric cruisers or an American made cruisers. We have aftermarket parts for both. For Sport bikes we carry accessories like fairings and windshields, brake pads, rotors, brake lines, exhaust systems, handle bars, controls, oil filters, shocks tires as well as performance parts and more are all available in the online parts catalog. We try and offer all items to you at an affordable price whether they be for a sport bike or a cruiser.

Aftermarket parts are available for virtually all types of bikes regardless of makes and models.

Not only do we carry motorcycle parts we also carry apparel and all types of riding gear at affordable prices. We carry many brand names in the product section of the site. If you do not see them listed please call us and we can check the availability on the item for you. You can find gloves, boots, helmets, goggles, sunglasses, jackets, vests, chaps, touring gear like rain proof riding gear in the motorcycle gear section of our online shop.

Other then riding gear we are also able to provide you with other accessories for your bike like saddle bags, tank bags, rolls, mirrors, risers and more all at affordable prices or at least at as reasonable of a price as possible.

It is our goal to be your one stop shop for all your motorcycle needs whether it be parts or apparel needed for riding safety. We are always adding new items to our catalog on a daily basis. If it isn’t listed please contact us  and we will see if we can find the item you are looking for.

The following is a list of manufacturers we can get motorcycle parts and accessories from:

  • Tires - Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin, Avon, Pirelli,  and Metzler tires cheap.
  •  Exhaust Systems - Cobra, Vance Hines, Yoshimura, Muzzy, Samson, FMF, Supertrapp, Jardine, BUB, Rinehart and Kerker all at a discount.
  • Helmets - agv, suomy, Nolan, M2R, MDS, Erex, NFX,Thor, Do wraps, FX-6R Youth Helmets.
  • Riding Apparel - Alpinestars one piece leather suits, AGVSport, Jackets, Vests, Moose, Nelson Rigg Rain Suits.
  • Gloves - Alpinestars, AGV Sport,  Hatch, Mechanix Wear, Moose, Vented Gloves.
  • Boots - Alpinestars, Agvsport, Double H, Billy Lane.
  • Grips, Levers, Mirrors - Drag Specialties, Johar of California, Renthal, Progrip, Galindo Designs,  Grab on, Hot Grips,  Arlen Ness Ness Tech, Pro1, Jardine, Emgo, Napoleon, Ken Sean.
  • Goggles and Sunglasses - Scott, Smith, Optic Nerve, Eye Ride, Bobster, Galindo, PCS, Biker Chix.
  • Saddlebags, Tank Bags Rolls - Saddlemen, Willie and Max, Ace, T Bags, Iron Horse, Ameritex, Hopnel, Chase Harper, Nelson Rigg, Sargent, Axio.
  • Seats, Racks - Corbin, Saddlemen, Mustang, Sargent, High End, Drag Specialties, Cobra, Pro Pad, Jardine, Show Chrome, Phantom Pads.
  • Handlebars, Risers, Controls - Flanders, Show Chrome, Cobra, Pro1,  Arlen Ness Ness-Tech, Drag Specialties, Magura, Sunline touring grips, Jardine, Show Chrome.
  • Oil, Lube and filters -  Belray, MC2 Chain Lube, Maxima, Castor, Engine Ice, PJ1, Klotz, Motul, Castrol, Bardahl, Ohlins. 
  • Cruiser and Sport Bike Accessories - Gorilla, Cobra, Pro1, Jesse James, Jardine, Competition Werkes, Sportech, V-Flow.
  • Chains, Sprockets - Renthal, Sun Star, JT Sprockets, RK Racing Chain, DID, EK, Tsubaki, Regina, Moose, Dayco Rear Drive belts, Motion Pro Chain tools.
  • Suspension - Ohlins, Progressive, Race Tech.
  • Brakes, Rotors, brake lines - Braking power under control, DP Brakes, EBC brakes, sbs, Vesrah, Russel Brake Lines, Goodridge, Magnum.

We understand the needs of avid motorcycle riders and we are here to service all your motorcycle needs.

We welcome any comments you may have about our site or how we can improve our services. 

Motorcycle Tires ( 9 )

Motorcycle Tires

We carry a full assortment of motorcycle tires by Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin, Avon, Pirelli,  and Metzler all at discount prices.

Motorcycle tires have come a long way since the early days. When motorcycles first came in to use a regular bicycle tire was about all that was used. Sometimes even just a piece of hose wrapped around the rim was all that was available in Europe during world war II. Now motorcycle tires are as sophisticated as the bikes themselves. There are all kinds of different tire compounds from super soft and sticky to hard and just a bit sticky. Many different applications exist today for motorcycle tires. Some are made for track days, touring, sport touring and cruising as well. Tire compounds on motorcycle tires are constantly changing. Bike racing is fueling this development. There are constant changes and adjustments made to tire technology from the compounds to tread patterns, carcasses are stiffened and anything possible to give track riders a little edge over the competition. Which means lots of choices for the rest of us that tool around or that are amateurs or canyon chasers. As long as racing continues bike tires are going to develop in to the best rubber you can put on your bike. Regretfully Michelin has pulled out of the Superbike World Champion Ships because the series has decided to only let one tire be used for the series. This really is not conducsive to true racing tire manufacturers have always competed against each other in this series  which in turn has helped develop the nicest sticky buns for us riders. A little healthy competition helps to drive this kind of development in my opinion. 

Motorcycle Windshield ( 1 )

Best Motorcycle WindshieldWhether you are upgrading your bike accessories or you are considering accessories for a new purchase, selecting the best motorcycle windscreen for you is an important decision. From scooters to touring bikes, and every style in between, riders want protection from the elements and crystal clear visual acuity for safety. You do not have to sacrifice style for safety features if you do a little homework before you make the final purchase. When it comes to buying a motorcycle windshield today, there are many options for bike owners that include a wide range of styles, shapes, colors and widths.

For comfort on a cross country trip many riders choose motorcycle shields that have extra width to add protection to the hands and arm from driving rain, snow or high winds. Another feature to add might be a multi-position vent to relieve the vacuum that can build up behind the shield and improve sound control for your audio devices. Keeping the bug-in-the-teeth-smile at bay means looking for a taller shield -- this also protects riders from flying road debris as well as those bothersome weather hazards.

Many color and tinting options are available for handlebar mount and for use with fairings. Look for a quick mount motorcycle windshield or one of the new "no-tool-needed" models that make it easier to change your motorcycle windscreen to fit your needs. Cafe style and other low-rise windshields look terrific and provide adequate protection for riders with fairings. Be sure that your shield is constructed of high quality Lucite or polycarbonate materials for protection against scratching, pitting and fading. Color options for bikes without fairings include graduated shading from the lowers up to the top with more concentration below the line of vision. Best Motorcycle Windscreen

Some motorcycle windshields have a grey tint or blue tint throughout the cover to reduce glare from the sun and oncoming headlights. Typically these motorcycle windshields are designed for use with fairings and either snap in or slide in easily for quick replacement. Add UV protection helps to keep your console in better condition and provide an exceptional line of vision for safer driving conditions.

If you are looking for a fairing/motorcycle windscreen combination, it is recommended that you verify the style is compatible with your bike. Check the manufacturer's suggested mounting width and depth before ordering because most suppliers will not allow returns if there is any evidence you have tried to mount the unit. You can try to pre-fit without actually connecting the windshield if you have any doubts after you have bought the new motorcycle windshield. Another important thing to check when replacing or adding fairings is the headlamp size and if the installation will require any refit parts for turn signals.

There are so many options available today for bike owners when it comes to choosing a motorcycle windshield. Consider your riding patterns, the style and make of your bike and what road conditions you want to mitigate before buying your new accessories. Consult with the professionals if you have any doubts and allow them to share their expertise for the best options to fit your needs.

Motorycle Batteries ( 1 )

What Types Of Motorcycle Battery Is Best For Me?

Yuasa Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery!There are many manufacturers of motorcycle batteries and depending on your bike and how you feel about maintenance and some other factors the answer to this question can vary. Also if price is a factor you will find a battery that requires you to add the chemicals and water in to be cheap compared to a motorcycle battery with gel cells. Either unit will do the Job of starting the bike and allowing you to operate all your electronics.

The most common motorcycle batteries use the same basic components as your car but everything is more compact so you can mount the unit under a seat or in between the frame or some place that gets it out of the way. A 12 volt bike battery is made of a plastic outer shell with cells inside containing a set of negative and positive lead plates which are then suspended in a solution of sulfuric acid. This combination causes an electro chemical reaction which is converted in to electrical energy.

There are several draw backs to these types of batteries. They can self-discharge as well as you do need to make sure that the plates stay submerged in the sulfuric acid or Sulfation will set in which is simply what happens when the plates start to get a sulfate buildup preventing them to take a full charge and therefore operate at a lower amperage then they should. There are wet units that do not require any maintenance just like their gel counterparts.

This type of motorcycle battery will be shipped dry with the battery empty and the sulfuric acid sealed in a container ready to be inserted in to the battery upon arrival. Most of these batteries are easy to fill. You simply take the container that the sulfuric acid is in and line it up with the holes in the batteries body. Usually an easy to puncture film is all that keeps the sulfuric acid in its separate containers which are joined. Once you line up the container with the holes in the battery and join the two it will puncture the film and allow for the sulfuric acid to enter the battery cells. Once that is done you cap the cells with provided caps and charge it. Once that is done its ready to be mounted in the motorcycle. You will need to check the cells periodically and see if the cells are full if they are not add some distilled water and top each cell off.

Gel Motorcycle BatteryGel bike batteries which are your other choice in a battery for you are designed to be maintenance free. This type of battery is usually completely sealed and maintenance free. Your other advantage when buying a motorcycle battery of this type is that it can be mounted in any position without having to worry about spilling anything. Gel batteries also have a greater resistance to extreme temperatures as well as vibration and shock which is common when riding bikes. Now this type of unit will usually be a bit more expensive but will usually last twice as long as their wet counterparts.

Another thing you will most likely decide to invest in is a battery tender. These units will keep your battery charged and ready for when you are ready to go out and ride. When you start to look at these units do not opt for the cheap 10 dollar units but rather invest in one that will turn off when the battery is full and will only give it a full charge and then stay turned off until needed again. Overcharging of a motorcycle battery is just as bad for it as keeping it undercharged. If you decide to get a gel battery than be sure you get a charger that is designed for those types of units.

Oil, Lube And Filters ( 1 )

Oil, Lube and Filters for Motorcycles.

We carry a full assortment of motorcycle oil, as well as other lubes for chains and transmission and brake fluid.

Our current selection of lube is made by the following manufacturers: Belray, MC2 Chain Lube, Maxima, Castor, Engine Ice, PJ1, Klotz, Motul, Castrol, Bardahl, Ohlins.

Good quality engine oil is vital to the longevity of your machine. Especially when it comes to high revving bike motors you want the best quality protection from friction and wear. 

There are specific oils for different types of bikes V twins for example have oil made especially for them. Since a lot of them run hotter and are air cooled a specialty oil that is designed to take that kind of punishment is highly recommended. You should also change engine oil frequently. Every 3000 miles or so for regular oil and around every 6000 for synthetic. These are just generalizations. The actual recommended mileage is generally specified by your motorcycles manufacturer or the type of lube you are using. 

Chain lube is another vital piece of lubrication that is needed for the proper and safe functioning of your ride. Chain lubes keep the roller bearings in your chain lubricated and therefore add to the live of your chain. A lot of the newer high end chains are self lubricating, however it is usually recommended that you lube your motorcycle chain. It certainly cant hurt even if the manufacturer does not recommend it.

We also carry ohlins fork fluid for when you need to get those forks redone. Front forks generally need to be redone every 10000 miles or so. 

Currently we do not have all the fluids we carry on our site. We are constantly adding to our online selection. We do carry most lubes and oils so if you don’t see it send us an email or call us and we can check availability for you.

Performance Exhaust Systems ( 15 )

Choosing The Right Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhaust System Makes a Difference.

Cruiser Exhaust SystemWhen choosing a motorcycle exhaust there are many choices in todays market. If you have a main stream motorcycle meaning something made by Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Aprilia or Victory just to name a few of the top makers of bikes. Finding and aftermarket motorcycle exhaust will not be a problem. Some of your more popular manufacturers for pipes for these types of bikes are. Scorpion, Yoshimura, Muzzy, Bub Rinehart, Jardine, Cobra, Vance and Hines these are just some that come to mind but not nearly all.Full Race Sport Bike Exhaust System

So now how do you decide which motorcycle exhaust to get? Also do you need a full system or are slip-ons good enough to achieve your goal? In order to make the best choice on a set of pipes just ask yourself if you are looking to increase horse power, looks or exhaust tone or all 3 as well as dropping weight off the bike. Will the bike be used for the track or just on the street?

Sport Bike Slip OnsSlip-Ons for Sport Bikes:
Lets start of with the simplest thing to change out which is the mufflers which bikers call cans. This can easily be done with some slip-ons which basically involves removing the stock cans from the bike and slipping on the new muffler therefore the term Slip-ons. This modification will generally increase horse power and give the bike a more aggressive exhaust note. Replacing the stock cans with aftermarket performance ones will also generally drop 10+ pounds of the motorcycles weight. Making this change will require you to adjust the fuel to air mixture to compensate for the new system.

A Full Performance Exhaust Race Motorcycle Exhaust System:
This modification is the best as well as the most expensive one. Replacing your whole stock exhaust system with a race system will give you the most gains in horsepower as well as the most aggressive exhaust note and the maximum of weight removed from the bike. For sport bikes you will find many systems by Akrapovic, Jardine and Yoshimura makes some real nice performance systems to choose from. There are many more these are just a few that come to mind. This modification is a bit more involved since the pipes and mufflers have to be removed completely. You might decide to tackle it yourself if you are mechanically inclined, if not find a motorcycle shop to do the install for you. Either way you are going to have to remap your fuel injection system once these systems are on. So finding a competent wrench is going to be a must unless you know how to do it yourself.

Replacing the Pipes on a Cruiser:
On a cruiser bike slip-ons are not a choice. On a cruiser the muffler is one long piece of pipe therefore when you are looking to make this modification you are going to be looking at completely replacing the bike's pipes. This type of modification is pretty much the same as replacing the full system on a sport bike. You will need to remove the whole system and then have the bike's fuel injection system adjusted to compensate for the difference in back pressure which will make the bike lean out.

No matter what you ride and what type of motorcycle exhaust modification you are thinking of making there is a quality system available for your bike. It might be harder for some exotics but generally all motorcycles will have some sort of aftermarket performance system to choose from.

Resources For Bikers ( 0 )

Helpful Resources for owners of motorcycles and motorcycle enthusiast:

American Motorcyclist Association
(800) AMA-JOIN
13515 Yarmouth Dr
Pickerington, OH 43147


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NHTSA Headquarters
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
West Building
Washington, DC 20590
Toll-Free: 1-888-327-4236 / Hearing Impaired (TTY): 1-800-424-9153

Environmental Protection Agency

NADA Vehicle Book Value Appraisal Guides
P.O. Box 7800
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Kelley Blue Book - 
Vehicle Book Appraisal Guide

195 Technology
Irvine,CA 92618

Returns & Privacy Policy ( 0 )

Privacy Policy
Chaotic Motorsports is sensitive to privacy issues on the Internet. We believe it is important that you know how we treat the information about you which we receive on the Internet.

In general, you can visit Chaotic Motorsports on the Worldwide Web without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself. Our Web Servers collect the domain names, not the e-mail addresses, of visitors. This information is aggregated to measure the number of visits, average time spent on site, pages viewed, etc. Chaotic Motorsports uses this information to measure the use of our Site and to improve the content of our Site.

Chaotic Motorsports has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to our visitors’ and customers’ privacy.

We use personal information provided on order forms, such as a purchaser’s name, e-mail address, physical address and credit card, to fulfill merchandise orders. We may also use order information to contact a purchaser when necessary, such as when a delivery may be delayed or when an ordered product is out-of-stock. Chaotic Motorsports may use personal information to notify consumers about new products or services. If we do, we will provide you with an e-mail address by which you may inform us that you do not wish to receive such materials in the future. Chaotic Motorsports will not share any personal information without your written permission with any unaffiliated third parties, unless required by law.


Orders are shipped within 4 or 5 days of being ordered via the specified method as per the customers request at the time of checkout. 


All returned merchandise will only be accepted if still in the original packaging and unused condition within 14 days from purchase. A 10% restocking fee and any shipping charges will be deducted from any refunds. Electronics are exempt from the returns policy and can not be returned. If an electronic device is not functioning please return it to the manufacturer for warantee work. 

Please contact us for a return authorization before returning any item.

Riding Apparel ( 12 )

Motorcycle Apparel - Jackets, Pants, Shorts, Tops and Waterproof Touring Gear.

When it comes to riding whether on the street track or touring on your favorite bike we have the riding apparel available for various applications.

We carry riding apparel by Alpinestars, AGVSport, Icon jackets, Icon Pants, Z1R Jackets, Vests, Moose,  and Nelson Rigg Rain Suits. All kinds of apparel is available from these manufactures from one piece riding suits to jackets pants and vests. 

One piece suits are great for street riding or track days. Prevent road rash with a one piece riding suit. For those that are looking for more comfort two piece suits that zip together are available as well as jackets and separate pants. We also carry rain suits for those dedicated riders that ride when it rains or for the tourer that gets caught out in a down pour. 

Motorcycle Jackets come in all types of sizes and various colors. From the classic biker jacket to perforated sport jackets. Some are just plain one colored for a more classic look or elaborate with flames and patches and various designs on the jacket. Whichever is your taste we should have something to satisfy you. Jackets these days are made from leather generally stitched with a Kevlar type material, some are just made from a kevlar type mesh that is nice and airy for riders that live in tropical climates where a pear of regular leathers will cook you alive a mesh vented jacket and pants are the way to go. Icon currently has some really nice designs in leather or a kevlar type material. Sport jackets usually  come with padding in the arms and shoulders and back as well as around the kidney area for safety. On a lot of the newer lightweight summer riding type jackets the armor is removable. traditional jackets either do not have any armor or the armor is mostly stitched in except for the back protector that tends to be removable on most types. 

Motorcycle riding pants also come in various materials. The classic ones tend to be leather some have some perforations for airflow and some do not. Now Kevlar reinforced jeans are also becoming more and more prevalent. These jeans tend to be reinforced in all critical area for safety and stitched with Kevlar yarn for strength, Also some come with an inside liner that is more suited for riders in colder climates. Since wind sheer will cut thru a pair of pants like that the liner helps keep the rider warm. Over pants are another option. These type of pants just go over your regular jeans for extra protection. Icon makes some nice looking Kevlar reinforced  biker jeans.

Vest still are pretty much made from leather and are more for looks then protection. Typically worn by riders that ride cruisers or Harley Davidson scooters not that they are not an option for sport riders as well.

Browse our online catalog and find the apparel that is right for you.

Riding Gear ( 3 )

Affordable Motorcycle Half Helmet

For safety reasons getting in to your  riding gear to head out on the road with nothing but the wind and sky above you and the pavement just few inches from your feet is important.  The feeling of being out on the open road is what biking is all about, and it is why you are passionate about riding. Especially as a sport bike rider your safety depends on quality riding gear. Guys that ride cruisers do not feel it is as necessary but the fact is no matter what you ride if you wear quality motorcycle gear you might avoid major injury if you do go down. Without it its you versus the pavement and the pavement is likely to take a chunk out of your butt.

Should you have an unforeseen accident, your head is very vulnerable therfore making a motorcycle helmet the most essential piece of gear. The most deadly injuries to motorcycle riders are to the chest and head, and a properly fitting helmet greatly reduces your chances of experiencing a life-changing injury. To keep yourself as safe as possible while on the road, purchase and use a helmet as part of our overall motorcycle gear.

Now lets face facts some of us that live in states that do not have helmet laws will by pass wearing one. If that is your choice make sure you do wear proper eye protection. All it takes is one rock kicked up by the car in front of you to cause permanent vision damage. Choose eyewear that is labeled as safety wear to ensure it does not shatter if hit and provides true protection for your eyes. Preferably goggles or sunglasses made for riding are perfect. Some  of these also come with lenses that will change color depending on if your riding in the day or night.

Affordable Motorcycle GlovesAnother important piece  is your motorcycle gloves. Gloves keep your hands steady on the handlebars while also protecting them from debris that may be thrown up by vehicles around you. This piece of riding gear also provides protection from the wind chill, which has more of an impact than you think once you reach top speeds. The right pair needs to have sufficient traction and grip, give you some movement for your fingers and be slightly insulated. When choosing what gloves to wear think about where you will be riding. If its summer some vented gloves are probably your best option while during the winter time you want well insulated, possibly gauntlet type leather gloves to keep you warm.

Affordable Leather Motorcycle jacketsMotorcycle jackets are another component that offers protection from debris as well as the road in case of an accident. Thick leather is usually the material chosen for this particular piece of riding gear, and for good reason. It gives protection from debris while also allowing you a sense of your own style. Also the thick leather creates a decent buffer between you and the pavement in case you go down. Choose a jacket that is made from fairly lightweight materials, yet is strong enough to protect you if you fall or are hit by debris.

If you are in a topical climate another option might be a mesh jacket. Mainly if its a 100 plus degrees outside you are not likely to put on that thick leather jacket. A mesh jacket usually comes made out of a Kevlar type weave that will hold up incase you make contact with the road. Also most of these biker jackets also have added hard protection for the forearms, back, and shoulders built right in to them.

Finally, make sure you invest in riding gear to protect your feet. The entire foot and ankle needs to be covered by your riding boots. Leather or a synthetic substitute is a good option for protecting your feet, and motorcycle boots in these materials also complete the look of your wardrobe nicely. Most bikers opt for boots however shoes that are especially made for riding are now also available and becoming popular especially for bikers in tropical climates.

Riding gear serves a double purpose for the avid motorcyclist. Most importantly, it provides needed protection while on the road, but on top of that, it also adds  to the rider's individual style. As you shop for motorcycle gear, be sure to find something providing adequate safety while keeping in mind you choose riding gear that appeals to you since you will be wearing it a lot. Also make sure that whatever you get is comfortable enough where you will actually use it on a regular basis. Don't sacrifice looks for comfort. 

Saddlebags ( 0 )


Leather Classic Saddlebags So you finally got your cruiser and it’s not a full dresser and you need some saddlebags. How do you decide which set is right for you? That depends on how far you plan to cruise. Simple leather saddlebags are great for storage as well as giving your bike an old school look. Personally I prefer the ones that come with a hard plastic liner for two reasons. For one they do not collapse when they are empty and for two they offer some waterproofing as long as the lid is also fairly tight. I know we don't plan on riding in the rain but when you get caught in it it’s nice to have a change of clothes in the saddlebags that are dry or at least all your stuff is dry and not ruined from getting wet.

When it comes to choosing a set of bags there is a pretty large variety available, also let’s not forget you also have the option of a tail bag or a sissy bar bag as well as a tank bag. So with all that in mind the possibilities are endless. However if you are looking for an old school look Saddlemen makes some great classic looking saddle bags. They manufacture anything from plain to studded and slant  saddle bags as well as making some pretty nice sissy bar bags with conches and those old school looks. Touring Motorcycle Luggage

How long are you going on the road?

I know most of us probably take day trips or a weekend at most and with that in mind keep in mind what you plan on doing and get the right size bag. You will find anything form large to Jumbo size saddlebags can be found to fit most motorcycles. The only time you might have problems with throw over types is when you have a custom bike that has the lights moved forward to where the rear fender is past the lights. If you have the lights located in front of the rear fender then look at a sissy bar bag or a tank bag for storage.

Most saddlebags are either made from real leather or synthetic imitation leather to keep the bags durable as well as looking classy. Now if you are really looking at doing long trips and staying on the road then you probably need to look at a set of motorcycle luggage that is really made to hold enough stuff to give you enough storage to accommodate a serious cross country trip. T Bags and Saddlestow make some seriously massive luggage to accommodate a long road trip. Most of their stuff is made from ballistic or denier nylon and it is also expandable depending on your storage needs.

So if you need versatility in storage a set of motorcycle luggage that allows you to expand storage capacity is going to suit your needs better than anything else. However if you are just looking to tool around town or take that weekend out of town trip a set of saddlebags is a good fit for you especially if looks are important, a good pair of saddlebags can make your bike stand out from all the other cruisers your parked next to.

Saddlebags, Tank Bags And Rolls ( 12 )

Saddlebags, Tank Bags and Rolls.

We carry a full assortment of bags for motorcycle riders from cruisers to sport bikes. Currently available are tank bags, rolls and saddlebags made by: Saddlemen, Willie and Max, Ace, T Bags, Z1R, Iron Horse, Ameritex, Hopnel, Chase Harper, Nelson Rigg, Sargent, Axio.

Made from all sorts of material including leather or long lasting easy to maintain polyester. We have all sorts of different applications available whether you are looking for a classic leather saddlebag look or a more modern tank bag.

Saddlebags are mostly made from quality leather or a mixture of leather exterior combined with a hard plastic liner to maintain shape and help with weather resistance. Saddlebags definitely give your cruiser an old school chopper look as well as adding valuable storage space for longer trips. Most have quick release features so the bags can easily be removed and carried. Personally I am real partial to the throw over saddlebags. There are lots of different models available. Some with intricate designs and stitching or just plain. Most of these types of saddlebags have fringes or chrome studs and can be had in a slant or regular style. Different sizes from large to small are made so you can get what suits your needs. We have also addes Motorcycle saddlebags from Saddlestow which is a division of Saddlemen. Not only do they make great motorcycle saddlebags, they also make sissy bar bags and trunk bags as well as a great backrest bag.

Tank Bags and Tail bags can also be useful when going on longer trips. These things usually have huge capacities so they are perfect for long rides. Most are made from durable Codura or polyester and have expandable pockets for maximum space. Tail bags usually will require a sissy bar or a rack for mounting on to the back of your bike. These bags are available for sport and cruiser bikes alike.

Tool Rolls and Front Fork Bags are a great addition if you just need to carry smaller items with you. Tool Rolls are perfect for carrying your essential tools for emergency repairs. These rolls are also a great addition if you are trying to achieve an old school chopper look on your cruiser. Front fork bags generally are made from durable high quality leather and decorated with chrome studs, stitching and fringe. They are available from very plain to fairly fancy depending on your taste and the look you are trying to achieve on your motorcycle.

Seats, Racks ( 9 )

Motorcycle Seats, Saddles and Racks.

We carry a full selection of motorcycle seats, phantom pads and racks by : Corbin, Saddlemen, Mustang, Sargent, High End, Drag Specialties, Cobra, Pro Pad, Jardine, Show Chrome, Phantom Pads. One of the best upgrades to assure a comfortable ride even while going a long distance is to buy a quality aftermarket bike seat. You will quickly find that a new bike seat will improve your comfort while out and about. Bike seats come in a variety of forms. You can easily upgrade by buying motorcycle seats for the rider and the passenger a like. My personal recommendations in seats would lead you towards either a Sargent or a Corbin. We have many styles available for all kinds of bikes so spend a few minutes and browse our online catalog for all we have to offer.

Seats and Phantom pads are a must for any custom cruiser or sport bike look. Not only that if you want to raise your riding comfort a custom seat by corbin or sargent or some of the other motorcycle seat makers listed here. Stock seats are made very inexpensively so the cheapest materials available are used. Most stock benches have foam that will crush after a short time of riding and you end up sitting on the plastic mold on the bottom of your saddle. Any of the fine motorcycle seat makers listed here use high quality materials as well as the best cell foam for padding and some also use gel upon request. Phantom pads are also a nice way to clean the lines up on your cruiser eliminating that bulky passenger seat. Phantom pads use a suction cup mounting system that makes them easy to take on or off. Perfect for cruiser bikes and choppers that want to maintain a clean rear fender look and still be able to two up from time to time.

Racks and Sissy Bars are a great way to dress up your bike and provide more comfort for the passenger. Racks are a nice addition if you have a need to haul things on an on going basis. Luggage racks are definitely a must if you tour and need to mount a tail pack that has some capacity. If you do a lot of two up riding you passenger will thank you for a sissy bar. Most are padded for comfort as well as giving them something else to hang on to and enhancing the feeling of security by eliminating the feeling of falling off the back.

We have now added Motorcycle seats by Corbin. Corbin motorcycle seats are a great addition to any bike these seats are a huge upgrade from stock. You will find greater comfort due to the materials used. Not only that a Corbin Motorcycle seat will also help add to the custom look of your bike. The owner of Cobin Michael Corbin holds over 60 patents including the one for his patented Comfort Cell foam. This material is one of the reasons that Corbin motorcycle seats are so comfortable even on long rides.

Sargent cycle seats have also been added to our catalog. We carry Sargent motorcycle seats for: Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha motorcycles. Sargent seats are a huge upgrade from stock bike seats. They will add greater comfort to your ride as well as adding a custom look to your motorcycle.

Our main location is located in Houston, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to deliver parts and accessories to all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, Norfolk VA , Madison WI.

Suspension ( 0 )

 Motorcycle Suspension - Shocks.

Suspension bits are a vital piece of any motorcycle. When your suspension is not up to par your whole motorcycle experience suffers.

We carry quality suspension parts such as shocks and forks by the following manufacturers: Ohlins, Progressive, and  Race Tech.

Most bikes come with high quality suspensions already in place however most are made for daily riding and not the track or hard core street shredding. There are several nice front fork upgrades available as well as air shocks for cruiser bikes which give your ride a real trick feel to it. Air shocks are perfectly safe even if there is air loss the shocks will lock and turn the rear in to a rigid end at least until you can remedy the problem. So worst case comfort suffers for a bit. Progressive air shocks are a reasonable and quality alternative to regular shocks if you are looking for air instead of the regular every day type of suspension. 

Tank Bags ( 1 )


Magnetic Mount Tank BagWhen you aren't to thrilled about saddlebags on your bike a tank bag is the perfect answer to storage while keeping all the versatility of easily removing this type of motorcycle luggage from your bike in mere minutes. While not having the same storage capacity as touring luggage or some jumbo saddlebags a tank bag can still provide you with a good amount of storage.

Tank Bags are easily mounted to the tank of any motorcycle via magnets and or a strap down system to keep the bag in place. Now you might say to yourself "I don't want to scratch up my tank with something like that." Rest assured most tankbags have a micro soft back that keep that sort of thing from happening. The nice thing about this type of storage system is that it can be easily removed and taken with you. Some even come with straps to make a backpack out of the unit itself making it easy to take with you when you are away from the motorcycle. The one drawback is that you will have to remove the bag every time you fuel up since it will generally be sitting right over your gas cap. That part can be a bit of a pain to deal with but its minor when compared to the benefit of storage.

Touring Tank BagWe carry tank bags by a variety of manufacturers including Chase Harper, Dowco, Nelson Rigg and Axio just to name a few of the brands available in the online motorcycle parts catalog. This type of motorcycle luggage is generally constructed from very durable materials like denier nylon or some other durable materials which make weather conditions something you need not worry with. You will find this type of motorcycle storage is made to be weather proof by incorporating a rubber liner or some sort of waterproofing element to keep your valuables safe from the elements. Also a clear top map flap is also something you will find to be standard on most of these. This feature can be really handy when you’re on a road trip and need to look at a map often. This will keep the map right in front of you making it easily accessible at all times.

Now depending on your bike you will need to look to find one of these storage devices that fit the dimensions of the bikes tank. Also you will find a large amount of these will be expandable therefore allowing you with just a zip to expand the capacity. Just be sure to read the descriptions before you make a purchase. The compact tank bag will usually not expand where the touring one will expand enough to truly allow you to store enough stuff to take off for a serious road trip.

So no matter your need tankbags can be the answer to your storage needs if you are not inclined to mount saddlebags on your bike or your motorcycle just does not accommodate saddlebags then this could be the answer to your storage needs.


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