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The Benefits of Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

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Motorcycle Exhaust When you first buy a bike it will come with all the stock parts and standard systems as constructed by the manufacturer's factory. However, this doesn't mean as a rider you need to settle with the basic package the bike manufacturer provided. Especially with motorcycle exhaust systems, you can replace the stock pipe with an advanced system or slip ons. Why do so? There's a number of reasons that an aftermarket exhaust can be good for your motorcycle as well as your riding experience. These include more efficient combustion, an increase in engine strength, removal of performance restrictions, and even safety.

Engine Efficiency

Changing a motorcycle exhaust from a stock setup to an advanced, aftermarket pipe can do your engines wonders. All motorcycle engines run on a combustion-type system. This means that they will burn a mixture of air and fuel. However, when your engine is not running optimum, some of this mixture in terms of fuel gets wasted. It can also cause additional carbon build-ups in the engine chambers that create more cleaning work when it's time for maintenance. With an aftermarket pipe installed, the engine runs a bit hotter with greater back-pressure. This in turn burns up excess fuel rather than wasting it, creating better fuel efficiency.

Engine Strength Improvement Over Restrictions

Stock systems are designed to match minimum accepted performance requirements of an engine and keep it in line with general traffic laws. However, each state has different expectations for motorcycle engines and their performance. To keep everyone happy in government-land, manufacturers use restrictors in exhausts to limit motorcycle engine performance and stay within the bulk of these regulations. For a rider it means he pays for an engine that can't put out all its performance. By changing a motorcycle exhaust out from stock to advanced, the rider opens up the full power range of the engine with marked improvement both in torque and speed, typically in the lower gears. Keep in mind, however, because the engine runs better and hotter, the carburetor will also need to be jetted or if you have a newer bike the fuel injection system will need to be re mapped to allow more fuel into the engine as well. Not doing so can create an engine situation where the motorcycle runs too lean which could damage the engine by over heating it.


If someone is playing their radio loud with the car windows up or driving on the highway, the motorcycle rider in the next lane might as well be invisible. More accidents with motorcycles and cars happen annually because of a lack of adjacent car driver awareness that any other reason. Changing motorcycle exhausts to louder pipes actually provides riders an additional safety feature. People in cars can then clearly hear the rider nearby and become aware of his presence. So as they saying goes, "loud pipes save lives!"

Keep in mind a motorcycle exhaust can only be so loud, however, before city authorities take notice, as well as irate neighbors. Various cities have noise regulations limiting vehicular exhaust decibels. So be careful not to get the loudest foghorn of a motorcycle exhaust system or you may be paying more in noise violation citations than you ever expected.  Most street legal systems will keep you in the right ball park as long as you do not take the baffles out of the system.

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