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Buy Motorcycle Riding Boots For Safety Not Fashion


You know you can go jump on a bike in a pair of Nike’s or some sort of sneaker but the best plan is to get some motorcycle riding boots designed for your type of riding.  Just consider what accidental … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Meetups Versus The Lonewolf


I have recently here in Houston encountered a meetup group that is a group of sport bike riders that get together almost everyday of the week for some sort of activity. Mostly a combination of riding and eating is whats on the agenda. Or … Continue reading

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Ducati Diavel is Devilish!


I saw this bike last year in the process of buying my Aprilia RSV1000 RR, I see this Ducati that really looks like some sort of crazy attempt at a cruiser that really is not going to cruise. My first … Continue reading

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Rocking Custom Motorcycle Mirrors


When it comes time to swap out your stock mirrors for something better not only do most guys think of better visibility but a lot of us think how can I make my motorcycle stand out with some cool custom … Continue reading

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The Loud Pipes Safe Lives Debate


I am sure those of you that are in to motorcycles have seen the ” Loud Pipes Safe Lives” sticker on someones bumper at one time or another. Which seems to be the opinion most bikers hold on the matter. … Continue reading

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