AGV Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2012


AGV motorcycle helmets have been on the market since 1947 and are a name brand rider’s trust. They carry a complete line of helmets including dirt, street, racing, full-faced, and half-shell. The reviews on their helmets carry high marks in the important areas of cost, comfort, style, and features. If you have never owned an AGV helmet then sit back and check what riders have to say about this brand.

AGV motorcycle helmets are not only known for meeting and exceeding safety requirements but are also known for looking great going down the Hwy. Have you ever seen the poor guy who seems to have no idea how ugly his helmet is? No one likes an ugly helmet — let`s face it.

In the way of street helmets AGV has several styles of full-faced helmets like the AGV K3 helmet, the colorful AGV K3 “Dreamtime” helmet (fantastic graphics), and the AGV GP-Tech “Rossi Comic” LE helmet — a Valentino Rossi look-a-like — to name a few. Each of these helmets received a (4.5-5) star rating in the key areas of comfort, style, airflow, and features.

How about sport bike solid color helmets? AGV, once again, continues to receive high marks. The AGV K3 helmet receives an average of 4.5 stars, the AGV K-4 EVO helmet — (solid) received the same 4.5 on average, and the AGV T-2 helmet — (solid) did as well. The most common 5 star rating was in the area of style.

Finally, in the area of the open-faced and half-shell AGV motorcycle helmets, again, the reviews are very respectable indeed. The half-shells were a bit lacking in style and color choices but the pricing for these babies is right on. The most popular of the open-faced models was the AGV RP60 Cafe Helmet which received a 5/5 stars in all the important areas on average — good luck shopping!


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