Not a Motorcycle But One Awesome Boat


So Monday starts of like every other Monday and its balls to the wall but then a brief break thanks to the History Channel. :)

I look up and see the craziest freaking boat ever! Ok let me say I am not a boat guy but this thing is like a motorcycle on water in my mind. Made to look like a fish the Seabreacher X is made to resemble the body of a shark and really has some crazy stats. The boat itself is about as big as a Canoe and sports a 1500cc supercharged 260 hp motor that is capable of 50 mph on water.Sea Breacher X Interior

But wait there is more! You use all your extremities to control it and the thing is capable of a short dive and then popping out of the water almost resembling a dolphin or a whale when they do that sort of thing.

Seabreacher X With Custom PaintYou really need to see the video to understand! Now for the bad news from what I can tell these babies run around $60,000 but they are custom built to your specs and include all kinds of goodies like custom interior, paint and a stereo system with ipod docking. Front and rear LCD screens also show video coming from snorkel mounted cameras.

There are a lot of safety features as well and the Seabreacher is positively buoyant and has 3 bilge pumps. That’s just a few of the safety features.

I am starting to put away my penny’s in a coffee can to save up and buy one. Its going to take a mess of cans !

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