Batman & Tron Motorcycle Suits By UD


This is a fully functional motorcycle suit which is a replica of the one batman wore in dark knight.So I am out surfing the web looking for a cool helmet really. I put batman helmet in to google just to see what comes up and I end up finding a custom replica full race motorcycle suit that is a replica of the batman the dark night. So I guess its more of a full mtorcycle suit not exactly a full race suit. Besides for the money you probably would not wear this thing but man wouldnt it be cool to wear on haloween. The suit looks to be well made and is a fully functional motorcycle suit with CE approved body armor, in the panels of the shoulder, back and fore arms. The pants portion of this thing also features CE approved armor in the shin and knee sections. So other then just beign a really cool looking suit its fully functional.

So I keep browsing thru this site and also found a Tron replica motorcycle suit with the same credentials as the Batman suit. Full functional with CE approved armor in all the appropriate places to be used for riding. This motorcycle suit is a fully functional replica of the one used in the movie Tron.

These motorcycle suits are made by these guys actually dissecting the original movie prop and then re creating it to completely match the original! Now the price tag on these bad boys may leave you with a little sticker shock but I think for the coolness factor its a price worth paying.  The Batman version is about $1200+ and the Tron replica runs around $1300 each one of these has a CDN appended to it so I am not sure what currency this might be in.

If any of you get one send me some pics to post and drool over! :)

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