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07 Yukon From Texas Cars & Autos in HoustonWell I needed a good deal on a cash car in Houston and came across Texas Cars & Autos and really got hooked up on a car that was affordable and so far so good is running great and well worth the money I spent. I know finding a used car is a struggle for most of us especially when it comes to dealing with a used car dealer and finding out if they are reputable. Well I can recommend these guys just like they were recommended to me. Yes most of us wanna live on our two wheels but lets face it sometimes you need a cage to handle the family, kids and even to load up your baby when she needs a little TLC.

Been really happy with this vehicle so far. They made me aware of the brakes needing work soon which I really appreciate and for $8700 I paid for it I am more then happy.

So if your looking for a reasonable cash car that you can get in to give these guys a call or check out their site and see what they have that might work for you. I like the fact that they were honest about any known issues with the Yukon I bought. As we all know a used car is a used car so their is no way to tell how long the car will be trouble free but their honesty made me feel a lot more comfortable about buying used from them.



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