Check Out The New Confederate Motorcycle


Confederate Motorcycle X132 HellcatThose Confederate Bastards have done it again! Pulled a beautiful bike off once again the X132 Hellcat is just a sheer piece of perfection. very minimalist looking and yet exactly what you would want to be seen on.

For a mere $54,450 and yes that is american money before you ask :). You too can be a proud honor of one of these. Ok honestly if I had that kind of cash laying around this freaking motorcycle would be in the garage or much more likely in the living room replacing the coffee table maybe. I love the looks of this bike as well as the power it puts out. Were talking a 132 cubic inch motor putting out 132hp. The Bike weighs 500lbs and is capable of producing ft lbs of torque so its no dud for sure.

Motorcycle Motor Confederate Hellcat X132Just the motor and transmission core are a work of art, made from aircraft grade billet aluminum. The power train is a patented drag race power train. I guess in a nutshell if you want american muscle in a bike this thing is the Lamborghini of american muscle in my opinion.

So in short sell your kids sell you wife and get you one of these! Ok that is a joke guys so relax kids and wife’s :)

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