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When it comes time to swap out your stock mirrors for something better not only do most guys think of better visibility but a lot of us think how can I make my motorcycle stand out with some cool custom mirrors that will make my ride stand out from the crowd. Well there are a lot of motorcycle mirror sets available by many aftermarket manufacturers. You can find anything from a black mirror to billet aluminum or maybe something with a uniquely shaped design.

There are as many different types of motorcycle mirrors as there are bikes out in the world. It’s up to you to decide what fix your bike the best.

Always think visibility.

No matter how cool the new set of mirrors looks on your bike make sure that you retain the most visibility as possible. It is vital for your safety to see what’s going on behind you. many a biker has gotten hit from behind and if he could have seen it coming maybe the tragedy could have been avoided. My personal feeling on the matter is that what’s in front of me I can usually anticipate and deal with as it happens. However vehicles coming from behind me are much harder to anticipate so in order to feel as comfortable as possible and with the utmost in safety in mind. I will not sacrifice looks for visibility.

There are so many types of custom bike mirror sets out there that you are bound to find one that you like. I am talking one that looks good and when mounted still give you as much visibility as possible.

I myself had bought some aftermarket motorcycle mirrors and had to sadly return them once I determined I could not adjust them enough to adequately see behind myself. They looked really cool but the loss of sight to the rear of my bike really made me uncomfortable enough to wear I noticed that I would hardly ever ride that particular bike and would ride my sportbike instead. So once I switched back to some mirrors that gave me good visibility I found myself right back riding that bike again with confidence.

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