On The Want List The Ducati 1098S


Ducati 1098S I saw one of these beauties in a motorcycle store locally today and just really want one now. The black and red color scheme is perfect Chaotic Motorsport colors so it is a must own!

Well ok lets look at what all this bad boy has to offer. Were talking 0-60mph in under 3 seconds and a top speed of 198mph. So its definitely a bike for anyone that likes to rip thru some twisties and has a taste for speed and rocking acceleration. The bike is pushing 160hp at a dry weight of 381 lbs so very light.

You can find these on ebay and in your local exotic bike shops. I am seeing prices around 15-17k+ .

Ducati Leather Motorcycle JacketUsually mileage is low on these bikes. I have seen a few online with under 300 miles so were talking not even a 500 mile break in yet on an 08. Well you can trust if I get my hands on one ever its going to get ridden like I stole it and often!

So maybe a 1098S combined with a new motorcycle jacket from Ducati and I am all set to go ride in style.

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