Ducati Diavel is Devilish!


Ducati Diavel Carbon EditionI saw this bike last year in the process of buying my Aprilia RSV1000 RR, I see this Ducati that really looks like some sort of crazy attempt at a cruiser that really is not going to cruise.

My first response to the Diavel is ” Boy this thing is kinda ugly”. Well after a few minutes of really looking over this machine it really grew on me. I keep trying to identify it and the only thing that comes to mind is a Ducati VMax. It has those ballsy VMax characteristics.

Diavel Carbon Edition Rear ViewThe fat rear tire and short wheel base definetly let you know that this bike is not just going to sit there and cruise but that it will roar of the line. The short wheel base makes wheeling easy and handling way superior to a sluggish traditional cruiser. Weighing in at 498lbs dry makes this a very light cruiser.  The 1198CC motor puts out a 162hp at 9500 rpm as well as a whopping 94 ftlbs of torque. So be prepared to hold on and blast thru traffic on this Ducati.

I have yet to have the opportunity to ride one of these awesome bikes but if anyone in the Houston area has one to loan me for a ride let me know!


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