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Icon Leather Motorcycle JacketSo, you`re hoping to find some great deals shopping for motorcycle gear online, well look no further because online shopping is the best way to find discount motorcycle gear. In fact, because of the way online sellers are set up, they have lower overhead and can offer the best prices hands-down.

The first thing you want to know is just what kind of gear you`re after. Then, you want to be sure you know your sizes for the various gear you need. It`s not a big deal to grab a seamstress tape and wrap it around your head. Helmets are one the items riders easily make the mistake of purchasing the wrong size. Most of the time it is because riders guess their helmet size rather than taking a quick measurement.

There are charts available that show you how and where to measure and the differences between European and American sizes. Once you have that all figured out the rest is a piece of cake, then it`s just a matter of choosing which name brands you like. We offer Icon, Alpinestars, and other popular name brands.

Most of the gear a rider buys will be for protection in terms of both a potential crash and weather. Now, if you know the kind of riding you will do, that will help you to make the initial decisions about gear. If you have a sport bike then of course you will look at a different style of coat and gloves than someone who rides a cruiser.

So, in conclusion, think about your riding area and the weather, make sure you take good measurements and know your sizes, think about the style and look you want, understand the difference between sizes in American and European merchandise, and then you`re on your way to finding great discount gear online!

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