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Alpinestars Motorcycle BootsWell I don’t know about everybody but I am picky when it comes to the stuff I wear this includes my riding gear. This includes motorcycle boots. My last purchase was a pair of Sidi  boots. Well I have pretty much beaten the crap out of these boots. I am talking 10 years of abuse just about and now its time for some new motorcycle boots. I am debating between some Alpinestars boots or the old school looking biker boot also called an Engineering boot.

Since I ride two different types of bikes one a cruiser and the other a sport bike I think the Alpinestars tend to cross over better than old school biker boots being worn on a sport bike.

Biker BootsI have been very impressed with the Sidi motorcycle boots that I have but finally the sole has given out and its time for a new pair. Then again I might just revive these and get a new sole put on if I can find a shoe repair shop that can actually handle fixing the sole. I dont know about you guys but I tend to build relationships with my gear that has served me well and I am definitely not past reviving this old pair and getting some more years out of em. I guess to me worn gear also just has character where the brand new stuff has to earn its stripes yet.

If it were you what would you do? Inquiring minds wanna know!

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