Helmet Laws And Our Freedoms To Choose!


Motorcycle Helmet With Flames

When it comes to helmet laws I am of the opinion that we should keep our right to choose. I am well aware that riding without a motorcycle helmet is dangerous just as anyone out on a bike is. What I am against is our freedoms being taken away slowly overtime.

If you are lucky enough to be riding in Texas you still have a choice! This is thanks to the many groups and lobbyist that work hard to keep it that ways. All I am saying is let’s not give our rights to choose away. It’s bad enough we are now having to buckle up in the back seat.

I just remember the day in the 80’s when you could drive without a seat belt and have a cold one not a problem. Now we are at a point where our government tells us more and more each day what the correct choice is according to consensus and no longer do we have the individual freedoms we once had. Unless we all stand up and keep what we have soon you guys won’t be enjoying Mc Donald’s or a cigarette either cause that is dangerous and bad for you.

Organizations like the TMRA and AMA are here to protect our rights and freedoms as bikers so make sure that when you can you support them!

Below is a chart of current states that have helmet laws and which ones allow a choice. It will also show you the penalites imposed if you get caught riding dirty!

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