Who Says A Honda Gold-Wing Doesn’t Pop!


Honda Gold Wing Doing A WheelieThe first Honda Goldwing hit the streets in 1975 as the GL1000. This new bike was sort of weird because it didn`t fit in the class of bike it was intended for at first. It was not a sport bike because it had too high a center of gravity and the rider sat straight up like a soldier at attention. It wasn`t quite a touring bike because Honda forgot the fairing and saddle bags — it was an “It.” The thing that turned heads on this new bike was the power it delivered off the showroom floor. The GL1000 pushed 78 HP to the rear wheel at 7000 rpm (and 61ft. lbs. torque).

Little did the Japanese know that they would create an “American Legend” of their own when they introduced this bike. In 1980, Honda answered the call of the market and delivered the GL1100 as a fully equipped touring model. The new GL1100 had all the bells-n-whistles of the current technology, and, it had a faring, saddle bags, and a trunk.

In 1984, Honda introduced the new GL1200; 1988 saw the first GL1500, and in 2001 the power-house GL1800 hit the market. The Honda Goldwing not only made its mark in terms of power, style, and comfort — it made its mark in creating a huge demand for after-market accessories as well.

There is a tremendous following and brand loyalty behind the Goldwing name. There are literally thousands of after-market products, accessories, and upgrades available for this bike. Honda also offers a complete line of Honda Goldwing accessories and upgrades. For the rider who loves a Honda, or Japanese bikes, some would argue the Honda Goldwing is just as much an “American Legend” as the Harley Davidson.


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