How Do Alpinestars One Piece Race Suits Hold Up In A Crash


Alpinestars Motorcycle Riding Suits For Sale Online At A Discount!Alpinestars has been making quality motorcycle gear for quite sometime. Their one piece and two piece race suits can be found on track days as well as the bodies of professional racers so its not surprising that these motorcycle riding suits are made to take a fall and protect your skin and sensitive areas of impact like shoulders, elbows, back and chest as well as the hips.

Now their race suits are not cheap but when you go down worth every penny. As I always say don’t save money on gear because when it comes down to it, it is what stands between you and the road when things don’t go down as planned!

Have you ever wondered with all the hype and talk and all the money they want for gear how does it hold up in a crash? Well I found you a video by Senior Road Tester Michael Neeves who I believe works with MCN after he crashed wearing an Alpinestars racing suit. He briefly discusses and shows you how the suit held up.

Typically on motorcycle racing suits by Alpinestars you will find them made from a 1.3mm full grain leather with perforations in there suits made fro warm weather, multiple stitched main seams for tear resistance, flex panels for comfort, armor in the shoulders elbows and fore arms, and back and chest protectors or pockets that are also upgrade able with bionic armor.

So yes maybe you look like a Power Ranger but damn you will be safe and look race ready in an Alpinestars motorcycle race suit

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