Icon Motorcycle Helmets The Choice Of Future Generations Of Riders!


Icon Aiframe Motorcycle Helmet On My 4 Year Old!Just goes to show that you cant help but love Icon motorcycle helmets. As I went out on a ride today and to stop at my oldest’s first football game. I put on my motorcycle gear and hit the run. A nice perfect day for a 30 mile ride.

As I get there the firs thing my youngest has to go for is my new Icon Airframe. He had it on for 20 min running around hte bleachers just having the time of his live.

So I thought I would snap a shot and let all of you know that Icon gear is offcially endorsed by the next generations of riders!

So if you had any doubt about Icon motorcycle helmets rest assured they be laid to rest now!

My Review: Let me give you my thoughts on the airframe. Its been a while since I have had an Icon helmet. I have to say the ventilation is impressive, to the point where I was thinking of shutting of the front vent that exists right below the shield. I was getting enough air where at excessive speeds my eyes were tearing. My other helmet is a scorpion which I thought had the best ventilation and airflow ever until now. I love the scorpion as well dont get me wrong but the Icon really performed well.

One other nice feature on that helmet is the way the rear vents are joined to create a rear spoiler. I saw that as a feature when I read on the Airframe. It said it helped with buffeting and by god you get to going about 80+ that little spoiler actually starts to go to work. I noticed that this Icon motorcycle helmet definitely loves speed, because the faster I went the better it got!

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