What Is Your Most Important Motorcycle Gauge?


Motorcycle GaugeWhen it comes to motorcycle gauges which do you think is the most important gauge on your bike? Is it the speedometer, temp, RP or maybe your oil pressure gauge?

I think your speedometer and an rpm gauge are the most vital for my style of riding. I like to push the motor so its nice to see what the RPM’s are doing. Next I would say a temp gauge because its the first indicator if you are pushing to hard. The speedometer mainly comes in to play when it comes to obeying the speed limit or just to see how fast you really are going. Speed is deceptive on a motorcycle.

I think we all are going to give somewhat different answers depending on your thoughts on the matter. I didn’t even mention a volt meter to see how the battery is doing. Oil pressure is another factor in how the motor is doing, so that might be another thing to watch.

You will find most sport bikes come equipped with the following motorcycle gauges: Speedometer, RPM and a temperature gauge. These are the most important factors when you are riding hard or a re pushing the motor.

Now on a cruiser you might find just a speedometer and that is it. Since those bikes are generally made to cruise and not to push the limits of what a bike can do it makes sense that this be the only real requirement. Now on touring bikes you will find a gauge cluster that pretty much monitors everything due to the fact that you might be riding long distances on a touring bike it makes sense for you to keep monitoring all the systems to make sure the bike is in optimal working condition.

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