Jet Powered Motorcycle


I know some of you out there saw the movie Torque. I loved the movie but I am just biased to that whole biker things so its no surprise. Well remember on the end the hero rode this crazy jet bike called a Y2K. Well I did a little digging around and found that that bike is made by a company called MTT in Franklin Lousiana which is not that far from Houston. So my thought is I am taking a road trip to go check out these guys facility.

The jet motorcycle has a bell helicopter turbine engine in it and can do over 200mph in like 15 seconds and produces 427 ft lbs of torque at 2000rpms. So for any speed freak like myself you got to just love that. I cant imagine what that kind of torque feels like but is has to be one hell of a rush riding one of these bikes.

So if any of you guys would like to donate to my Y2K fund that would be awesome. The bike is 185K and I only need 185K more to get my butt on one! lol Anyone donating can get a picture with the bike :)

Ok I know its a pipe dream guys but hey I dream big! Well check out the video on youtube on this bad machine.

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