Almost Made The Lone Star Rally 2012


I tried to get down to Galveston for the Lone Star Rally this year and about 10 miles in to the trip the weather did not play nice. So after meeting some really nice fellow bikers at the next under pass for a little pow wow while some of the nastiness passed. So we soldiered on a little longer and there just was no way around the damn scattered storm so we had to turn it around :( .

Any of you that made it down to the Lone Star rally this year and want to share some pictures please send them my way I would like to see and pass along some of the fun you guys had down there. I saw some great Face Book shots that really made not being there suck!

Interestingly enough with all the bikers down there and all the people crammed on to one little island there were only two fatalities that were bike related. Be nice if there were none but I guess with so many bikes and people accidents happen.

Next year I know I will be down there no matter what. I am packing better gear and rolling out!

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