Remember Motorcycle Battery Maintenance If you Want to Jump On And Go!


Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery By YuasaRiding season is almost upon us and spring will soon bloom its beauty and great riding weather for all riders to enjoy. On the list of spring chores is of course motorcycle maintenance. One of the things riders often find as they begin this task is that they let their motorcycle battery maintenance go a little too long and their bike won`t crank. Most riders never think about their battery. Most, never realize how much money they can save if they simply purchase a motorcycle battery tender. No matter which type of battery is in your bike, a tender can extend the life of even the cheapest battery for years.

There are three basic types of batteries. Of course the sizes and shapes are numerous according to the type of motorcycle you ride; however, the three basic types of batteries remain the same. There is the conventional “wet” battery, the fully enclosed “maintenance-free” battery, and then the new “Gel” battery.

Of the three, the least expensive is the conventional battery; however, this battery requires more care then the others. Because most riders forget their motorcycle battery maintenance, it is best to purchase one of the two more expensive “Maintenance-free” batteries; or, make sure you buy a battery tender (sometimes called a trickle charger) to keep the battery in good shape.

Depending on your bike and which battery you choose to buy you can spend anywhere from $40-$150 bucks on a battery. This is a generalization because there are a multitude of choices out there for bikes and batteries; however, this is a fairly accurate price point.

I think the two things all rider hate to spend money on are tires and batteries. I know these two items are my least favorite expense; in saying that, I make sure to stay on top of my motorcycle battery maintenance and I also own a trickle charger (motorcycle battery tender) to make sure I get the most out of my investment.

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