Taking The Last Ride In Style


Motorcycle HearseI happend across something today on Google Plus. One of the guys I have in my circles Jörg Grossmann posted an article out of a German newspaper talking about taking the last ride.

Jörg started a burial service for bikers that wanted to take the last leg of the trip to their final resting grounds by motorcycle. So no hearse but a motorcycle with a sidecar attachment rides you too take that dirt nap. I thought this is very unique. As it turns out he was inspired on a visit to the USA where he witnessed a guy taking his last ride out with his buddies in a motorcycle hearse. I do think this is a great way to go. One last ride with the boys and then I am off! lol

Anyways he saw a biker with a funeral procession of his buddies taking him to his final destination and was inspired and therefore he quit is job as an insurance salesman and built  a motorcycle hearse and started his own business. I have to give it to Jörg for following his dream. Way to go! From the sound of the newspaper your on your way to offering this service in several European countries

I always wanted the viking funeral but I am starting to change my mind.

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