Are Motorcycle Gloves For Women and Men Created Equal?


You and your lady recently purchased those dream bikes and are planning to take a long road trip together. You open the laptop to shop online for some motorcycle gloves. What do you need? What kind of weather extremes will you experience while you ride? Do you want a light weight mesh glove or a more cold weather deerskin or leather glove? What do they have in terms of women`s gloves? These are some of the questions you may have whether you`re taking a long trip, or just need some new gloves.

The differences between men`s and women`s motorcycle gloves are mostly cosmetic. Aside from the obvious differences in size (in most cases), the only real difference is in the style and colors offered for women vs. men. Most guys don`t wear pink — but the ladies love it!

Generally a women`s glove will have a more feminine look and color choice than men`s gloves will. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. Name brand lines like Icon and Alpinestars offer great choices in motorcycle gloves for both men and women. There may be a difference in style and color; however, both men`s and women`s motorcycle gloves have the same material choices and protective features included in their lines.

There are mesh style gloves that include both the cool comfort of mesh and light leather, as well as, carbon fiber knuckle protection. Also available — the cold weather comfort of deerskin and thick quality cowhide for both men and women. So whether you are about to take the ride of your life with your lady, or you`re just looking for a new pair of motorcycle gloves for warm and cold weather riding, open the laptop and start shopping.


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