Motorcycle Jackets Are Nostalgic


Yes primarily motorcycle jackets are made to protect you in case of a spill and the elements but its also a one of those pieces of clothing that has its own attitude and conveys that to the wearer once you put it on. I received a restored motorcycle jacket from my dad years ago. Its an old jacket form the 50’s that I only wear from time to time but its a cool piece of history and something people always seem to compliment on.  The old classic biker leather jacket is alive and well these days. Just look around when it gets cooler and you can typically see it worn by riders of cruiser motorcycles.

Your sport bike riders tend to lean more towards the newer collarless designs and more of a modern design. Some of your newer makers like Icon make some really flashy jackets with intricate designs. Since my style is more understated I like to tend towards a more plain but sleek looking black leather jacket that is vented.

Now with modern innovation in materials you can actually find jackets made from mesh materials which allow for a jacket that is totally vented for those of use that ride in more tropical climates. Without a jacket made of a mesh its almost unbearable to ride in the summer here in the Houston area as well as other places with similar climates. Now granted some of the modern leather motorcycle jackets are vented but nothing beats mesh for total ventilation.

Let us know what types  of jackets you guys prefer.

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