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Meet Up The Clutch Crew HoustonI have recently here in Houston encountered a meetup group that is a group of sport bike riders that get together almost everyday of the week for some sort of activity. Mostly a combination of riding and eating is whats on the agenda. Or meet at Starbucks caffeine up and go shred the roads after. I joined a meetup group called the clutch crew and so far have managed to make one of the meetups. All the guys were friendly and we all had something in common. The love of riding and sportbikes so not a bad starting point.

I have always mostly ridden by myself or with some personal friends of mine so this was a change for me. I have to say so far its been a positive experience. I would highly recommend going to check out to find any sort of group on virtually any interest you might have. Its a great way to find people in your local area that are in to some of the same things that float your boat!

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