How to Make Your Own Mini Motorcycle Using a Disposable Lighter


On my Google plus scroll today I saw a post that showed how to make a motorcycle out of a disposable lighter. I just thought it was cool and I would share this. I did a little bit of looking around and found a little video on how to do it as well so that should be helpful.

If anyone makes a really cool motorcycle out of a disposable lighter please share it with us and we will give you credit and post it on our site as well as Instagram and Pinterest as well as our face book page.

I have never seen anything like it before! It really does make a cool little bike.

Making  A Motorcycle Out Of A Disposable LighterWARNING! You must have patience and two disposable lighter’s to make one motorcycle. From what I gather Bic lighters do not work so and star lighters work well. So make sure a cheap no name is what you get. They also need to be empty. I am not sure that its required for any other reason than that you dont want to have any sort of fire hazard or something that could cause injury and try taking it a part.

So give it a try I am going to run out and get me a pack of cheap lighters and run the fluid out and make me a few!

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