Biker Boots For Men and Women By Adtec For Under $100


S16 Inch Motorcycle Police Style Bootso, you`re out looking for a new pair of boots and everywhere you go you see great looking boots that you would love to own — but! — you don`t want to take out a second mortgage just to buy a pair of motorcycle boots. That’s one of the main expenses a rider faces when they begin to purchase their gear — the cost of their boots.

Well, there is an answer to that problem in ADTEC Biker Boots. ADTEC boots are not only good looking boots that meet almost any riders taste in style, but also, they are affordable. Most of their boots stay below the $100 range in price. The other thing riders worry about when they find a great price in motorcycle boots is whether they are durable. There are plenty of cheap boots out there at other retailers but they usually only last a season and your back to the drawing board — not so with ADTEC boots.

ADTEC Biker Boots receive high consumer ratings in all the important areas of a good boot. They are comfortable, durable, stylish, and priced very affordable. The average rating on these boots across their lineup is a 4.5 which is great considering the affordable pricing of these boots.

Womens High Heel Motorcycle Boots!The other great thing about ADTEC boots is that they actually cater to women and sport a great lineup of ladies boots as well. One of their top sellers is their ladies “High Heel” lineup. These boots have a 3.5 heel which is just enough to give that “hot” high heel look and yet still provide comfort.

The bottom line is that before you go purchase a pair of boots, make sure you take the time to check out the full line of ADTEC Biker Boots available. These boots met and exceed customers’ expectations. You won`t be disappointed in the choices they offer — styles and colors — and the great pricing.

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How to Make Your Own Mini Motorcycle Using a Disposable Lighter


On my Google plus scroll today I saw a post that showed how to make a motorcycle out of a disposable lighter. I just thought it was cool and I would share this. I did a little bit of looking around and found a little video on how to do it as well so that should be helpful.

If anyone makes a really cool motorcycle out of a disposable lighter please share it with us and we will give you credit and post it on our site as well as Instagram and Pinterest as well as our face book page.

I have never seen anything like it before! It really does make a cool little bike.

Making  A Motorcycle Out Of A Disposable LighterWARNING! You must have patience and two disposable lighter’s to make one motorcycle. From what I gather Bic lighters do not work so and star lighters work well. So make sure a cheap no name is what you get. They also need to be empty. I am not sure that its required for any other reason than that you dont want to have any sort of fire hazard or something that could cause injury and try taking it a part.

So give it a try I am going to run out and get me a pack of cheap lighters and run the fluid out and make me a few!

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Who Says A Honda Gold-Wing Doesn’t Pop!


Honda Gold Wing Doing A WheelieThe first Honda Goldwing hit the streets in 1975 as the GL1000. This new bike was sort of weird because it didn`t fit in the class of bike it was intended for at first. It was not a sport bike because it had too high a center of gravity and the rider sat straight up like a soldier at attention. It wasn`t quite a touring bike because Honda forgot the fairing and saddle bags — it was an “It.” The thing that turned heads on this new bike was the power it delivered off the showroom floor. The GL1000 pushed 78 HP to the rear wheel at 7000 rpm (and 61ft. lbs. torque).

Little did the Japanese know that they would create an “American Legend” of their own when they introduced this bike. In 1980, Honda answered the call of the market and delivered the GL1100 as a fully equipped touring model. The new GL1100 had all the bells-n-whistles of the current technology, and, it had a faring, saddle bags, and a trunk.

In 1984, Honda introduced the new GL1200; 1988 saw the first GL1500, and in 2001 the power-house GL1800 hit the market. The Honda Goldwing not only made its mark in terms of power, style, and comfort — it made its mark in creating a huge demand for after-market accessories as well.

There is a tremendous following and brand loyalty behind the Goldwing name. There are literally thousands of after-market products, accessories, and upgrades available for this bike. Honda also offers a complete line of Honda Goldwing accessories and upgrades. For the rider who loves a Honda, or Japanese bikes, some would argue the Honda Goldwing is just as much an “American Legend” as the Harley Davidson.


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Get A Great Motorcycle Helmet At An Affordable Price When You Decide To Go With AFX


Buying motorcycle gear can get a bit expensive at times. Some riders get that new bike, or purchase their first bike, and the first place they try to cut their costs is in a helmet purchase. This is not a good place to cut costs; however, there is a company that offers a great line of helmets at reasonable prices, and that company is afx motorcycle helmets.

The company has been in business for over 15 years (founded in 1996) and their goal then, as is now, was to offer customers a great helmet at affordable prices. The selection of afx motorcycle helmets is wide-ranging. They offer a great line of full-faced helmets starting with the AFX FX-100 Sun Shield Full Face as one of their more expensive helmets. This helmet receives great reviews for its built-in sun visor.

The AFX helmet that received the highest ratings in all customer reviews was the AFX FX-140. This helmet is touted by experts in the industry as the number one helmet — in its price range — for quality, comfort, paint and graphics, and of course price.

In the way of affordable motorcycle helmets, AFX did a great job with their line of half-shell helmets as well. The FX-70 and the FX-200 both offer a complete line with several choices in solid colors and graphics at prices under $100. These models also offer the option of a pull down visor as well.

When shopping online for affordable motorcycle helmets, you don`t have to sacrifice quality for price. Yes, you can spend boo-coos of money on a helmet, but if you take a look at afx motorcycle helmets before you make that purchase, you may just find a great helmet that fits your needs and your budget.

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Ti’s The Season To Do The Toy Run!


This is one of the coolest things I can think of that the biker community does. I don’t think there is a better cause than to help poor kids that would otherwise have a shitty Christmas get some toys.

I have been to a few Toy Runs and have always found them to be a lot of fun as well as being for a good cause! We have one close by being put on by the Fort Bend Chapter of The Gypsy MC.  Every year these guys raise money and gather thousands of toys to kids that need them. If you are in the Houston area and are looking for something to do on December 16th come and join them at Wild West Honda in Katy at 10am for a ride to the Fort Bend County Fair Grounds for a fun time!  Kick Stands Up at 11!

I will be there and would love to see everyone out there if you can make it. It will be a great time Gypsy Style!

If you know of a toy run going on that we should promote please contact Chaotic Motorsports and we will be happy to do our part!

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Which Alpinestars Motorcycle Gloves Are Your Favorites?


I know I have my favorite when it comes to Alpinestars motorcycle gloves. Question is which are your favorites? I favor the more plain versatile gloves they make. I have a pair of the Alloy gloves but the next pair I would want are the SP-S  leather and carbon fiber gloves. I love the Mad Max look on those.

I am sure everyone has their favorite and I would like to know which do you favor. Let me know and lets see which of their gloves win the popularity contest. For a full selection of Alpinestars gloves follow the link and tell us what your in to.

The company itself has a rich history of racing inspired gear so you will find most of it has plenty of protection and other features to offer!

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How Do Alpinestars One Piece Race Suits Hold Up In A Crash


Alpinestars Motorcycle Riding Suits For Sale Online At A Discount!Alpinestars has been making quality motorcycle gear for quite sometime. Their one piece and two piece race suits can be found on track days as well as the bodies of professional racers so its not surprising that these motorcycle riding suits are made to take a fall and protect your skin and sensitive areas of impact like shoulders, elbows, back and chest as well as the hips.

Now their race suits are not cheap but when you go down worth every penny. As I always say don’t save money on gear because when it comes down to it, it is what stands between you and the road when things don’t go down as planned!

Have you ever wondered with all the hype and talk and all the money they want for gear how does it hold up in a crash? Well I found you a video by Senior Road Tester Michael Neeves who I believe works with MCN after he crashed wearing an Alpinestars racing suit. He briefly discusses and shows you how the suit held up.

Typically on motorcycle racing suits by Alpinestars you will find them made from a 1.3mm full grain leather with perforations in there suits made fro warm weather, multiple stitched main seams for tear resistance, flex panels for comfort, armor in the shoulders elbows and fore arms, and back and chest protectors or pockets that are also upgrade able with bionic armor.

So yes maybe you look like a Power Ranger but damn you will be safe and look race ready in an Alpinestars motorcycle race suit

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Almost Made The Lone Star Rally 2012


I tried to get down to Galveston for the Lone Star Rally this year and about 10 miles in to the trip the weather did not play nice. So after meeting some really nice fellow bikers at the next under pass for a little pow wow while some of the nastiness passed. So we soldiered on a little longer and there just was no way around the damn scattered storm so we had to turn it around :( .

Any of you that made it down to the Lone Star rally this year and want to share some pictures please send them my way I would like to see and pass along some of the fun you guys had down there. I saw some great Face Book shots that really made not being there suck!

Interestingly enough with all the bikers down there and all the people crammed on to one little island there were only two fatalities that were bike related. Be nice if there were none but I guess with so many bikes and people accidents happen.

Next year I know I will be down there no matter what. I am packing better gear and rolling out!

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Alpinestars Motorcycle Riding Boots & Shoes Stand Out From The Crowd


Most riders really take a special interest in picking out their boots. The fact is that motorcycle boots are a statement of style for bikers, enthusiasts, and weekend warriors alike. Alpinestars Motorcycle boots are sure to meet the style, comfort, and protection for any rider. They have a great selection of both motorcycle boots and riding shoes. So, what is your style?

If it’s a more “street” style you`re looking for, you might check out the Harlem Air boots by Alpinestars — these boots sort of combine old school with industrial punk, and it looks real good. If you`re more of a road and track person, then you want to check out the Tech-touring, the MX-5, or the Soho Gore-Tex as a possible choice for you.

A lot or riders are enjoying the new selections of riding shoes that Alpinestars Motorcycle boots has put out. They may not be the old Converse All Stars, but hey, they look good and offer protection as well. There are a number of Alpinestars riding shoes available depending on your personal style and needs, and they didn`t forget the ladies in their selections either. There are over fifty different styles of Alpinestars Motorcycle boots and riding shoes available to choose from in their collection.

The shoes range in style from casual and plain, to road and track, to leather/mesh combinations. For example: The Fastlane riding shoe has the look of a high-top tennis shoe and is light weight and breaths well for that cool comfort in hot weather. The Alpinestars Montreal is a really light weight shoe that looks like you could jump off the bike and run into the gym for a work out. They also offer leather/nylon/mesh combinations that look great as well and perform as a light boot/tennis shoe. Good luck with your online shopping!

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Get T-Bags Motorcycle Luggage For Your Ride!


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to tie a bunch of trash bags filled with “stuff” on your bike before you take a long ride. In the old days it was funny to watch riders come in to the local weekend event with weird stuff hanging off their bikes tied on with rope, zip straps, bungee cords, and sometimes a little duct tape.

There is no need for that kind of mess anymore. Riders can find all they need for the road with Tbags motorcycle luggage. This company has luggage down pat, and no matter what you ride, they have the right luggage or bag for your bike.

If you ride a sport bike or a small cruiser, they have a number of tank bags or fender bags that strap on and come off with ease. If you’re riding a larger touring bike and need a quick release trunk bag or a sissy bar pack, they have many styles to choose from in their luggage line. These guys are like the American Tourister of motorcycle luggage. Each piece of Tbags motorcycle luggage is made with tough ballistic nylon or top grade cow hide.

Bottom line — if you`re looking for luggage or bags for your bike — check out tbags luggage before you make a purchase. Their ratings are high, the pricing is reasonable for the great quality, and the customer ratings are awesome.

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