If You Are In The Market For Motorcycle Bags Look At Saddlemen


Saddlemen Leather Motorcycle Saddle BagsIn the old days a rider knew better than to put anything of value in their saddle bags. Most old bikers used their saddle bag as a beer cooler filled with ice and a six pack. One thing a rider knew was if you hit a bad storm you better have your gear wrapped in a black trash bag.

Saddlemen Fork BagThose days are over — at least in terms of choice — because of companies like saddlemen motorcycle bags. Saddlemen leaves no leaf unturned in their quest to meet every possible need a rider might face in the way of tool bags, saddle bags, and luggage. Saddlemen bags and luggage sets are all constructed with a mixture of leather and “Saddle Tuff” materials that are weather resistant. All of their zippers are made with a strong nylon material that will stand the test of the road.

One of the countless things that Saddlemen offers their customers is a 48 hour satisfaction guarantee backed by a one year warranty on their bags and motorcycle luggage — that`s hard to beat.

The line of saddlemen motorcycle bags is extensive. Their lineup starts with smaller products like tool bags, sissy bar bags, fork bags, and dash mount bags. In the cruiser line they offer a vast selection and style of saddle bags with quick release options to make carrying your gear and personals much easier and quicker to access.

In the way of long haul touring, their lineup includes trunk bags, luggage sets that mount to the sissy bar or trunk, and their newest product — the “Pillion bag” — is not only designed for harsh weather conditions, but it is also aerodynamic in design. He Pillion bag is also expandable and reviews make it plain that this bag will hold a ton of gear.

If you`re looking at purchasing some new luggage or saddle bags make sure you check out saddlemen motorcycle bags before you spend a dime.

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