Why Buy A Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet


Scorpion EXO-750 Motorcycle HelmetsWhy buy a Scorpion motorcycle helmet?

Sorry but when it comes to motorcycle helmets I guess I am stuck on Scorpion helmets. I just recently bought a EXO750 and just love it. It is super light and the graphics rock! I guess I have always been impressed with these helmets since they first came out. I mean you can’t beat buying helmet that should be priced at $600 plus for around $250 and some change. Scorpion EXO-900 Is The Best Helmet Available

The Scorpion EXO750 I bought is exceptionally light and when it’s on you hardly feel it. I remember my previous helmet would get to where it would hurt my neck especially when it got windy out and I am going at a good clip. The Scorpion EXO750 is as light as well as aerodynamic the wind is not noticeable, while at the same time it ventilates exceptionally well. This is extremely important when you live in a tropical climate.

Also the no fog shield really does work. I bought a tinted shield for my EXO for day time riding and absolutely love it.

As I brag on these motorcycle helmets I guess I did it so much that my friend just went and bought two of the Scorpion EXO-900’s which seem like a really cool helmet as well.
I think thus far out of all the helmets I have owned these have been my favorites and you can’t beat the price for what you get. I believe one of the reasons they can afford to do this is because almost all of the components including the shell are made in house so therefore there is no markup in all the bits that it takes to make a quality motorcycle helmet.

If you have a Scorpion EXO leave us a comment on what you like about the helmet.

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