Are Steel Toe Biker Boots Part Of Safety Gear?


Motorcycle Boots With A Steel Toe!Thinking about safety gear is often the last thing a rider considers when he/she buys a new bike or picks out a set of boots. Sure, it depends on the kind of bike you ride. If you ride a sport bike, you probably have a body suit with plate inserts and a full face helmet. On the other hand, if you ride a cruiser, you`re more likely to buy a short sleeve cut-off shirt, a beany helmet, and some Converse-All-stars shoes and hit the road with no real concern for road rash. Many riders fall somewhere in between the two above examples. They care about safety, but they also like comfort and style.

What about steel toe biker boots as another addition to safety gear? Most riders don`t consider a steel toe motorcycle boots when they buy a pair of new boots. Some riders may not even know they exist. There are several styles of boots that are great looking, comfortable, and stylish that have steel toes.

Many riders feel that a steel toe is uncomfortable — not true. With today`s modern materials and designs, many of these boots are very comfortable and can add to your feeling of safety as you hit the road. Many riders are concerned about elbows, knees, and their head when they buy safety gear but they never think about their feet.

I read an article recently about a guy who got his foot caught between his Hwy peg and the road on a sharp turn. It of course broke his ankle, but the road rash practically removed his toes for good. Most people don`t realize that leather helps to stop the road rash pretty well (depending on your speed) but many riders who have eaten some pavement will still get some road rash anyway — leather or not. If this guy would have had steel toe biker boots on at the time, he may still have some toes left. Take a moment to check out some of the available steel toe motorcycle boots on our site. You may be surprised at how good they look.

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