What Makes A Good Street fighter When It Comes To Motorcycles.


Kawasaki ZX10 Streetfighter!It used to be the old Norton’s, BSA or the Ducati Monster were some of the most predominant street fighters out there. Now you can see Kawasaki, Yamaha and many of the other Japanese makers  out there being turned. There are a few Harley Sportsters as well I have seen that would almost fall in to this category. They are more somewhere between a chopper and a street fighter but worth mentioning.

So What really started all this motorcycle street fighter craze? Well as far back as I can think of I would have to say it started with Mad Max. Remember the crazy bikes you saw in that movie well some have been coming to live on our streets. I love the fact that these motorcycles have become more visible on our streets. I have yet to have one but it aint over till the fat lady sings so watch out!Yamaha Street Fighter Motorcycles

Recently I have seen two of these beasts out on our streets. One at a cigar festival parked right next to my Aprilia and the other at the movie theater. Turns out one of the bartenders started riding a few months ago and picked up a ZX10 that has been converted in to a street fighter.

So how do you make one of these or where can you buy them?

Well a lot of these bikes are made from damaged but salvageable sport bikes sometimes with a salvage title and sometimes not. You will find that the asking price will determine which you are looking at. You can pick up one of these types of bikes for as little as a grand as much as 8K+ all depending on make of the bike and condition. Much like the original chopper was cobbled together from bits and pieces of other motorcycles or whatever would fit and work so are these motorcycles made from bits and left overs of motorcycles that were once some glorious shiny and new sport bike. 

So you can either buy one of these or go and find a bike to do it on yourself if you have the knowhow and the time this can be a fun project to work on.

If you see any interesting street fighter’s out there snap a pic and give us  the story if you know it!

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