The Loud Pipes Safe Lives Debate


I am sure those of you that are in to motorcycles have seen the ” Loud Pipes Safe Lives” sticker on someones bumper at one time or another. Which seems to be the opinion most bikers hold on the matter. Not to mention I think most of us like the sound of our bikes to have a roar to them and not be whisper quiet like they way most come from the factory.

I know the factory has to do it but once that motorcycle is in our hands that stock exhaust on motorcycles is coming off first chance you get. Just form personal experience the stock motorcycle exhaust is the first thing I will change on a bike for several reasons. The main one being to increase horse power as well as dropping about 15 to 20 pounds of the bike in the case of a sport bikes. On a cruiser most bikers don’t care about the weight but we all want the best performance our bikes can give us.

Now as to does a loud exhaust on motorcycles actually help save lives is likely a matter of a opinion but logic does dictate that if you hear the motorcycle coming it should help the drivers of automobiles be more aware that you are there, which in turn increases awareness of the bike therefore making it less likely someone will just simply cut in to your lane or hit you for sheer lack of realizing you are there. People in cars are simply trained to watch for other cars and not two wheeler s so every edge that helps make them aware of you sharing the road with them in my opinion helps. So my opinion is ” Loud Pipes Do Save  Lives!”

What do you think?

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