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Motorcycle Gear For Sale Online I think for a sport bike rider a complete set of motorcycle gear consists of a helmet being number one of course, gloves, jacket, riding pants and a good pair of motorcycle boots. Me personally I prefer Icon or Alpinestars motorcycle gear

If you are going to go out there and mix it up in the streets I would recommend you wear all of that but I see guys all the time with a helmet and then a T-shirt and shorts. I think that’s going to be painful.

Just think about this logically, if you do go down for sure your legs, torso and hands are going to make contact with the road. So why not put a little cowhide between that road surface and your skin.

Now this is coming from someone that does take his life in to his own hands and rides with out a lid at times. My reasoning is probably crazy but I will do that but  I wont ride without a jacket and gloves, just because 100percent of the time that is going to make contact with the road!

Don’t be cheap!
I know its easy especially these days to pinch every penny you can. Don’t do it on your motorcycle gear! You get what you pay for and if the gear is not of quality it will not hold up.

I have been witness to an incident where one of my friends went down wearing a cheap leather jacket and the thing just came apart upon impact and his road rash was not pretty kids!

So dont save there please! Eat the dollar menu and save your penny’s but when it comes to motorcycle gear buy brands that you can trust Alpinestars, Icon, AGV, Scorpion, ZR1 are a few that come to mind!

Now go play and keep it rubber side down!

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