Why Join A Motorcycle Club


I know everyone has different reasons for joining a MC. Some people want to just find some lime minded people to hang out with and share the love of motorcycles with and some of us like the feel of riding in a pack of 20 bikes roaring down the road.

I personally have never joined a club myself but have considered it at one time or another. I like the appeal but I tend to like to do things my way and when and how I want where joining a club can sometimes cramp your style when it comes to these things. The benefits are that you have your brothers and sisters riding along with you and the support of the club in case you have trouble on the road. I find that most motorcycle clubs make for forming very close bonds with the other members which can be quite rewarding.

I think the downside is that when you join any type of club there is structure, rules as well as commitment involved. Most clubs want you to come to mandatory meetings as well as certain events that are put on by the motorcycle club itself or a sister club. Sometimes this van be an issue for people with highly demanding jobs.

I also think that most motorcycle clubs are an asset to the community that they function in. For example most of them have benefits to help fellow riders or perhaps a fund raiser for less fortunate folks in the community. For example a typical thing for a motorcycle club is to have a toy run to raise money and or toys for kids that would not have a Christmas if it were not for them.

If any of you are part of a M/C please share your thoughts of being in the club with us.

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