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Why use castrol motorcycle oil.

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Castrol Motorcycle Oil 

One thing that any motorcycle owner knows is that it is essential to maintain their bike in the best possible condition.  Unlike in a car, where you are fully protected if something goes wrong, if you ride a motorbike that is not in excellent condition, you run the risk of a serious accident that could leave you badly injured or worse.  Whether you have a powerful cruiser bike like a Harley Davidson, a sports bike like a Honda CBR, or a lightweight commuter machine, you need to keep on top of the day to day maintenance in order to ensure that your bike is as safe as can be. 

On a weekly basis, motorcycle owners should run through a basic service routine to make sure that everything is being looked after properly.  Key steps include checking that all the lights are working correctly, checking that the brakes are working efficiently, and making sure that the bike is topped up with appropriate oil such as Castrol Motorcycle Oil. 

Keeping the lubricant at the right levels in your motorcycle’s engine will help to ensure that it works efficiently and is fully protected from wear.  Typically, motorbike engines rev much higher than those of cars, and work harder and hotter too.  All of this means that the engine is under much more pressure at all times, so you need to make sure that the lubricant that you use is up to the job. 

Because of the high temperatures and pressures, coupled with the vibrations at high revs, regular weight motor oil is completely unsuitable for the job of lubricating a motorcycle engine, and using one will considerably shorten the lifespan of key components in the bike’s power plant. 

Castrol Motorcycle oil has been specially formulated to be well suited to the conditions within a motorbike engine, and not lose its lubricating ability, even at the highest possible temperatures. 

Castrol have used the latest technology and techniques in order to develop a whole range of synthetic oils that work incredibly well to protect your motorcycle engine in all conditions, and keep everything working at the highest possible levels of efficiency. 

By carrying out small maintenance jobs on your motorcycle on a regular basis, such as every week, you will find it easy to spot patterns with performance, and any problems that you might have will become apparent much more early than if you do not check things on a regular basis.  If your bike begins to use a much greater amount of oil for example, you will spot the problem much more quickly if you top up the oil each week and pay attention to things than if you do not. 

As with any motor vehicle, getting mechanical problems sorted out can be expensive, especially if you leave them for a long time – when things go wrong, they never get better by themselves.  Using Castrol Motorcycle oil in your bike’s engine will help to prevent wear and mechanical problems from developing in the first place, but in addition to this, the simple act of checking a few aspects of your bike, and performing the kind of routine maintenance that takes just a few minutes each week will help you to enjoy a much more enjoyable, and much safer time riding your bike. 

Whether you ride a moped or a muscle bike, keeping it in good condition could save your life, and it will certainly save you a great deal of money, however you should never skimp on any essential components, so make sure you use high quality products for all areas of motorcycle maintenance, including the oil you use to lubricate the engine.  Make sure it has been developed specially for motorbike engines like Castrol Motorcycle Oil.

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