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The Emerson knife is the hardest working knife available today.

 It is used by some of the most elite combat groups as well as anti terrorist groups and police departments in the country and the world. Emerson knives features many different types of blades for different uses.

Lets talk a bit about the founder of Emerson.

Ernest Emerson is the fore most authority on knives and their tactical applications as well as the development of tactical knives. So you can bet that the knives that are produced by this company are of the highest quality since the founder is an authority on the subject of knife fighting and trains some of the worlds most elite military and law enforcement agencies in the art of fighting with a knife as well as how to defend against such attacks. He also has a video out that is now available to the public which teaches you the use of his Karambit combat folder. This video not only teaches how to use that particular knife however it is focused on that particular blade. It teaches some basic techniques on how to use any knife, however you will get the full benefit of the video if you invest in a combat karambit folder. I have one myself and it is my every day companion. I have had many quality knives over the years and have never had a blade that inspires the confidence that this particular blade does.

The wave opening feature is one of the impressive features that can be found on Emerson knives. The wave feature allows you to open the knife as you pull it out of your pocket. Therefore it is ready for use by the time it comes out of you pocket. This feature makes the blades that have it equal to having a fixed blade in accessibility. Once you play with one for a bit you will see what I mean. Equally impressive is the handle design on all of the knives that I have been privileged to handle. So far all have been equally comfortable in a regular or a reverse grip. As much time seems to have been spent on designing the handle as the rest of the knife.

There are over 30 different models currently available I will give some descriptions below of some of my favorites.

Number 1 is going to have to be the Combat Karambit Folder.

This knife is based on an ancient Indonesian utility knife that was in use for self protection as well as everyday use. This knife has an overall length of 6.8 inches and a blade length of 2.6 in, a rockwell hardness of 57-59. This knife is razor sharp and chisel ground. It comes with the patented emerson wave opening feature which allows you to open the knife and make it ready for use by just pulling it out of your pocket. It can be rigged for reverse deployment as well as standard grip deployment.  The Karambit comes in several variations there is the Commander, Bullnose and CQC-7 Karambit folder.

Next would be the Waved CQC-8 also called the Bannana knife by SAS troopers.

This knife features the wave feature as well as having the option of switching the clip for carry on the left or right as well as reverse deployment if you want. This knife is very nicely balanced. The overall length of this knife is 9.3 inches, the blade is 3.9 inches and it has a Rockwell hardness of 57-59 RC.  You also have the option of a regular blade or a combo edge, which is a serrated and regular blade combo. The serrated edge is very handy for things like cutting seatbelts. Which makes it a necessary feature for law enforcement and EMS or anyone that works accidents.

The Emerson Commander won the coveted  "Best overall knife of the year" at the international blade show in Atlanta GA. It is one model that sells the most. This knife has been battle tested over and over again. It is currently already in use by elite armed forces like: certain US Navy seal teams, elite European military strike teams as well as NATO counter terrorist units. It features the patented wave opening feature with dragons teeth serrations. The overall length of the knife is 8.75 inches, and the blade is 3.75 inches. This blade comes in 6 different variations. Also available is the Mini Commander which is essentially the same knife in a more compact version.

The Police SARK is a great knife for law enforcement.

It features the wave opening feature for easy opening and a combo edge. Comes in 6 different combinations. The overall length of this knife is 8 inches and the blade is 3.4 inches It also has a Rockwell hardness of 57-59 RC.


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