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Essential Motorcycle Gear For Safety

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OK so you just dropped a lot of money and got the motorcycle you always wanted and now it’s time to buy motorcycle gear too and you don't feel like dropping more money for boots, gloves, a jacket and a helmet. Well kids unless you already have these things it’s going to be a necessary expense, and one you don't want to go cheap on. You have to keep in mind that what we are talking about is your armor on the road since you are out in the elements. Where a car gives you lots of protection by its chassis, the seat belt and airbags on a motorcycle, motorcycle gear is all you have to stay safe.

For the sake of safety you will have to at minimum get a helmet some gloves and a jacket. Personally I think boots are also essential. Think of it this way, if your skin makes contact with the road how bad is that going to feel versus the sting of dropping the cash necessary to protect yourself. So don’t save your money when it comes to gear.

Let’s go over the essentials:

Full Face Motorcycle HelmetNumber one piece of motorcycle gear is going to be your Helmet.

A good motorcycle helmet is going to cost you in between 100 to 500+ depending on what brand you buy. A plain helmet without fancy graphics but which is still DOT approved is what you will need to invest in. Make sure the helmet fits snug and comfortably when you try it on. You want to make sure you purchase something that you will use therefore make sure you like the thing and that its comfortable.

Vented Leather Motorcycle Jacket Number Two would be a Motorcycle Jacket.

Motorcycle Jackets come in lots of flavors and price ranges. You can find them for 100 dollars and up. If you live in a climate that is extremely hot you will likely need to invest in two jackets. One that is a good leather bike jacket and one that is made from a mesh material for those hot summer days. The leather one offer the best protection but if it’s so hot your boiling in it you are not so likely to wear it and therefore I would recommend a mesh jacket to compliment it for those hot days. Having said that mesh jackets have come a long way and do offer very good protection these days so maybe you can get away with just one of those. Make sure the jacket has armor in the fore arms shoulders and a back protector. This will give you the best protection possible.

Motorcycle GlovesNumber three motorcycle gloves.

Motorcycle gloves are another piece of essential motorcycle gear that you do not want to be without. A set of gloves can run you 40 dollars and up. They protect your hands in case of a spill as well as allowing you to keep a good grip on the throttle and handlebars of your motorcycle. You will find there are lots of choices on gloves. I would recommend you get some leather gloves with a re enforced palm which are best for protection. If you’re in hot climates get them vented so they are not overly hot. If you are in a very cold climate buy some that are heated to keep your hands warm.

Motorcycle Boots Number four motorcycle boots.

Motorcycle boots are different from regular boots and are essential to your safety and comfort while out riding. This piece of motorcycle gear is also available in a shoe form now. These boots are re enforced and have padding around the ankles as well as other features like re enforced toes and other pieces of protection to keep you safer in case of contact with the road. A good motorcycle boot will run around 100 dollars or more.

So in short keep yourself as armored up as possible while you are out street fighting with all the other vehicles on the road. Remember your motorcycle gear and staying alert when you are out riding are your best friends.

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