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The Essential Steps In Motorcycle Battery Maintenance

Wet Motorcycle BatterySpring has almost sprung and it`s time to start cleaning the bike, checking the tires, and change the oil along with all the other things that a bike needs done. You walk out to the garage or shop, you turn on the key, you hit the starter and...womp...womp...womp, -- the battery is dead.

If this hasn't happened to you yet, your either lucky or up on your motorcycle battery maintenance. Most riders are great about washing their bikes, keeping the oil and other fluids changed, and even checking the air in their tires for proper wear -- but what about batteries? They are usually forgotten. So, what is good battery maintenance? What kinds of motorcycle batteries are there? Should I use a motorcycle battery tender? These are all great questions, let`s take a look at some the answers.

There are three main types of motorcycle batteries: the conventional or "wet" battery, the fully enclosed "maintenance-free" battery, and the "Gel" battery.

Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery By YuasaThe conventional battery is called a "wet" battery because they have caps over the openings where "battery acid" is poured into the battery. When you purchase these batteries, normally you have to add the fluid and charge the battery before you can use it. These batteries are always the cheapest and require the most maintenance. The real key to good motorcycle battery maintenance is to make sure you keep the battery on a trickle charger or battery tender when you don`t ride, especially during the winter months.

I have seen riders who buy these cheaper style batteries make them last for a few years if they take good care of them and keep the on a tender. These batteries must be secured to the frame or battery box very tightly because they are sensitive to heat, vibration, and they leak if they are not upright.

The "maintenance free" battery is a battery that is completely sealed and requires no real maintenance at all except, once again, it should be kept on a battery tender to get the longest life expectancy. These batteries are more expensive but if a rider hates to deal with motorcycle battery maintenance, then this is the best route to go. These batteries are built to withstand heat and vibration and will not leak acid. They also have posts that are built better (and anchored down better) and are far less likely to build up corrosion.

The best battery to buy if you hate to deal with any maintenance issues is the "Gel" battery. These batteries do not have the liquid acid in them that the conventional batteries or the maintenance-free batteries have. They have "Gel" inside, hence the term "Gel Battery." They are far less likely to become weak from heat, vibration, or if they somehow develop a crack. As far as motorcycle battery maintenance is concerned -- these are the best batteries on the market with the least amount of worries; however, you know it when you pull out your wallet.

No matter which battery you decide to purchase, it`s always good to keep a motorcycle battery tender in your shop or garage and hook it to the battery when you`re not riding. This ensures longer life, and good maintenance.

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