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Why use Saddlebags Supports when using Leather Saddlebags or just get Hard Motorcycle Bags.

Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags are the most classic way to store items on your cruiser while you are out and about tearing up the streets. Well things have changed since the old days of using actual leather saddlebags and throwing them over your bike and hitting the road. Most of your leather saddlebags these days are not made of true leather but rather of a synthetic leather which is actually very durable and usually will protect your stuff just as well as the actual leather ones. There are several companies that make good quality bags which can be slung over or hard mounted using saddlebag supports is also an option. Saddlebag Supports are a great way to keep your paint from getting damaged and to stabilize your bags. 

If you must have some real leather motorcycle saddlebags take a look at the ones that are being produced by Ace. The look of their products is top notch. Most of what they produce is made from full grain high quality leather, however they do make a few synthetic leather saddlebags as well. Ace does a really good job of blending an old school look with modern materials and construction. Most of their products are reinforced with a plastic tub interior or some other had material to help maintain the shape of the saddlebag when it is empty. Several mounting systems are used with their products. Generally you will have a throw over or a quick release mounting system making it easy to remove the bags or if you want to make it more permanent some saddlebag supports will help to keep the bags steady.

Willie and Max also make some really nice looking Saddlebags. Willie and Max tends to use synthetic leather in their construction of bags. Their products have a very nostalgic look and feel to them. For example some of their motorcycle luggage has eagle emblems or Maltese crosses on them to give an even more custom look to their products. They have a wide selection to choose from with various accents from fringe to chrome studs. You will also find a few models that are a blend of modern design mixed in with an olds school look giving this motorcycle luggage a unique look. Willie and Max is also putting otu some interesting color schemes making bags that are multi colored and are definitely not the average looking set of saddlebags.

If you want some leather motorcycle saddlebags with nostalgia have a look at Iron Horse bags. They carry a good selection of classically styled products. Fork Bags, Sissy Bar and Windshield bags made from leather are also available by this manufacturer. All their products are made from quality materials 

Saddlebag Supports are definitely a good idea if you are going to have some sort of bag on your bike that is close to the rear wheel, your paint or any moving parts. Supports help keep the shape of the bag and also protect your paint as well as preventing any kind of collision between your luggage and any moving parts. For some quality supports have a look at Cobra, M/C Enterprises or Show Chromes selection of supports.

For more detailed information on supports or saddlebags please visit our online catalog. If you can not find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to contact us.

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