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Loud Exhaust On Motorcycles The Debate

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The Loud Exhaust Of Motorcycles A Safety Feature Or A Nuisance?

Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhaust SystemI guess there are for sure two different viewpoints when it comes to the loudness of exhaust systems on motorcycles. You generally have the non-riding public that considers it a nuisance and then you have avid riders that feel it helps to increase their visibility in the form of sound announcing their presence.

On most bikes you will find that the sound is restricted due to exhaust on motorcycles having restrictors designed to quiet as well as dumb down the performance of the machine. This is done to comply to regulations set forth upon the manufacturers by the government. So one of the first things most riders do is drop the stock exhaust system for an aftermarket system or slip-ons. Either will increase the performance as well as the decibels the exhaust puts out.

Now when it comes to the amount of sound the system will put out depends on the baffles. If you have no baffles it will be super loud or if you have some baffles it will start to quiet the bike.

So how loud is too loud?

Well it’s a matter of taste when it comes to the loudness of an exhaust on motorcycles you will find anything from whisper quiet too so loud that it will raddle the windows in your house if one roars by. I think the middle of the road systems are the best. Loud enough to be herd by drivers of other vehicles unless they are having a total jam fest. Also you will find that when restrictions are removed the bike will also give off a vibration that you can feel in a car. Just try whacking the throttle open and you can easily set off alarms in parking lot. It’s the vibrations causing this not just a loud bike.

So back to the questions of are loud exhaust on motorcycles a nuisance or a safety feature?

It’s a little of both for those of us that like to hear the growl of our machines its music to the ears to others it might just be noise pollution. It is however my opinion that since drivers of automobiles are not trained to look for motorcycles the loudness can help where visual cues are lacking therefore helping you to be more visible to others on the road. Personally I have one a few occasions engaged the clutch and gave the throttle a good whack to let someone know I was there.

So I think the argument will continue as to if exhausts on motorcycles that put out some noise are something that is just a nuisance. I for one have already made up my mind that “Loud Pipes Safe Lives!" 

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