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Who Makes The Best Motorcycle Helmet

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AGV Motorcycle HelmetWhat factors make for the best motorcycle helmets around?

What one rider considers the best motorcycle helmet may not be the same as another. There are many makers of quality motorcycle helmets these days all trying to make the best piece of equipment you can buy to protect yourself as well as making the product look good which I believe is another factor in a helmet actually getting worn.

Some of the most popular brands are Icon, Arai, AGV, Suomy, Nolan and Scorpion. This is not saying that these are the only ones there are many and all have different types of models and makes designed for different types of riders and styles.

The first thing to consider when trying to find the best helmet is to consider the type of riding you do as well as what is it going to take for you to wear the helmet all the time. You know the day you are without is the day you will need it the most so the best idea is to always wear head gear on a motorcycle. I know comfort in the way of fit as well as visibility and airflow are huge factors when I try to decide what kind of helmet I buy.

I also tend to like a lighter helmet and when it comes to modern materials that is definitely a doable request. You will find that a lighter helmet will not jerk your head around as much when it’s windy. Of course it needs to be aerodynamic as well so that air will simply just flow over and around it.

DOT and Snell approved:DOT Snell Approved Sticker
A DOT or Snell rating is a must when it comes to trying to find the best motorcycle helmet for your protection. What DOT means is that that particular model has gone thru testing and has met the minimum requirements to get a safety approval from the Department Of Transportation. Snell approved helmets are similarly tested and once approved will have a mark on the helmet. The Snell rating is not a government rating but a rating by a independent organization that rates and tests helmet safety standards. If a unit is approved you will see a sticker that says its DOT or Snell or both approved. Those sticker are usually found on the back of the helmet towards the bottom.

Functionality is another factor when it comes to deciding what the best motorcycle helmet for you is. Some people like a full face or a flip up helmet. Others prefer a half helmets or beanie. No matter what you decide remember to look at the specifications and quality of the unit before you buy. Sometimes you will run across helmets that are not safety approved which you should stay away from.

You will find modern helmet technology is just as sophisticated as the advancements we have made in motorcycles. They are faster and lighter than ever able to achieve top speeds in very little time. I remember not 10 years ago when a 900cc bike made the same horsepower as a modern 600cc bike makes now. Motorcycles that make 150+ hp are common place especially when it comes to sport bikes. So as our machines have increased helmet technology has also stepped up to offer the safety needed to ride these road shredding machines.

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