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How Are Motorcycle Helmets Constructed

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The Best Motorcycle Half Helmets For SaleThe responsible motorcycle rider not only takes time to research the best motorcycles for their use but also the best motorcycle helmets. Motorcycle helmets should be viewed as a mandatory item for  motorcycle safety. This device is created to enhance the rider's experience as well as protect them from injury.

How a Well-Made Motorcycle Helmet is Constructed

Most motorcycle apparel has a safety purpose. Motorcycle gloves and leather jackets protect the body from objects flying off the road and from abrasion during an accident. The motorcycle helmet is specifically designed to protect your head, brain, face and eyes.

Helmets have evolved over the years to meet the demands of the motorcycle rider. That's why it's unsafe to wear a bicycle helmet or other device not specifically design for motorcycle riding.

There are four components to a well-made motorcycle helmet.

The outer shell is usually made of a composite material that is strong but compresses on impact so that it absorbs the energy that would otherwise be sent directly to the head.The Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets For Sale

Next is a dense foam liner which is made to absorb more of the shock and cushions the head as it is moved around in the helmet.

The third layer is padding to make the helmet comfortable to wear. This is usually a mixture of foam and cloth that allow your head to feel snug yet comfortable to wear. A helmet can only do its job if it's worn and an uncomfortable helmet is at risk of being left home by the rider!

The final component is the chin strap. Again, comfort and fit is important. The strap should not be so big that it feels restrictive and not too small as to dig into the chin. The strap should keep the helmet snug against the head.

How a Motorcycle Helmet Provides Protection During an Accident:

Head injuries account for the majority of motorcycle fatalities. When an accident occurs, a well-made helmet provides several levels of protection.

It will stop or slow down a sharp object that might penetrate the head. This could be pieces of gravel flying off the road or from a truck you are following or pieces of a metal guardrail during a collision.

It will prevent abrasion injuries that would occur should an unprotected head come in contact with concrete or asphalt.

It will help cushion impacts to the head by using the first two layers of construction to absorb the energy of the blow, reducing the force on the head.

What are DOT and Snell Approvals and How Do They Affect the Purchase of a Motorcycle Helmet?

DOT (Department of Transportation) approved helmets meet US guidelines for protection from impact and penetration, rider visibility and keeping the helmet on the rider's head. A DOT approved helmet is noted by a label on the back lower part of the helmet.

DOT approval should be a minimum standard for your motorcycle helmet purchase.

Snell approval standards are more rigorous and are updated more often than the DOT standards. This non-profit group is focused on reducing head trauma in motorcycle riders. Higher standards mean a safer helmet.

Whenever possible, insist on a DOT and Snell approved helmet.

Motorcycle helmets not only protect the rider from serious injury but enhance the riding experience. By reducing the rider's anxiety over possible injury, they are able to enjoy the freedom that a motorcycle ride in beautiful weather and scenery can offer!

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