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Classic Style Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are probably the most nostalgic part of motorcycle riding. I personally own an originally restored leather motorcycle jacket from the 50's. Also if you will look around you can still see guys on cruisers wearing the classic looking biker jacket. Now many new materials like Mesh and Kevlar woven materials are being used in jackets. Your more modern sport bike types tend to lean more towards the newer designs or a replica of leathers that their favorite races wear. So not only are jackets like this cool to hold on to and look at but they are also an essential part of your riding gear. These babies are designed to help you prevent injuries if you ever have the misfortune of laying your ride down.

Now lets face it if you have an accident and your skin touches concrete you are in for some serious pain. Ask anyone that has ever had road rash they will tell youIcon Makse Some of the Best Leather Jackets  Around. the same. A good quality motorcycle jacket can help prevent some of that by acting as a buffer between you and the road. If you ever examine a real biker jacket versus one of the knockoffs you will find that the real thing is heavier and also the leather that is used is thicker versus one that is just made to look cool. The best motorcycle jacket in my opinion is one from a manufacturer of riding apparel. You might ask why not by a cheap knock off and save the money? You going to very quickly find that the best quality jackets are brand names like Icon, Alpinestars and AGV just to name a few. I personally own one made by Field Sheer that is now almost 15 years old and still going with very little maintenance. Where on the other hand the Cheap Leather Jacket I bought didn't even make it a year.

To maintain a leather motorcycle jacket is fairly easy, just clean off the bugs and use a leather oil from time to time to keep the leather pliable and you will have a quality piece of riding gear for a long time to come.

Now with modern technology and modern materials you can find mesh motorcycle jackets which are perfect for summer riding. If you live in a tropical climate where 9 months out of the year the heat will bake you in leather then one of the best jackets is one made of mesh. Joe Rocket amongst others make some of the best I know of. You will love the fact that you feel like you are out riding in a T shirt but still are wearing some protection to keep you safe incase of an accident. Most of the mesh type also have some armor built right in to the forearm shoulders and back to help protect you in case of a spill. Really if you live in a tropical place you just cant do without one of these as well as some vented motorcycle gloves.

So if you are going to take to the road make sure you have a good set of  boots, gloves a helmet as well and enjoy the ride.

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