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Not All Motorcycle Leathers Are Created Equally

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Motorcycle Leathers Made From Premium Cowhide!How to Choose Motorcycle Leathers That Fit Your Style
There are several aspects needed to be considered when pondering the purchase of motorcycle leathers. Sure, you need to definitely give a nod to style and your old lady probably won’t want to ride behind you if you look like a weekend warrior. And, more often than not, if you want to maintain peace on dry land and chill it riding down the road, listening to “female” advice about what to wear, cave, brother. But, style issues set aside, there is one aspect about purchasing the correct motorcycle gear and this is choosing leathers for protection, too. In fact, many safety experts will shout loudly that protection is the foremost consideration trumping any nods to cool looking style. But, staying safe doesn’t mean looking nerdy.

Not All Motorcycle Leathers Are Created Equally
Nope – not all leather is the same. There are far too many hide types available that are processed through many different tanning methods. Most people really do not know the difference. Sometimes, what looks exceptionally stylish isn’t the best choice for riding purposes. It is important to blend any possessed notion of style with a needed knowledge concerning safety. But, buying motorcycle leathers can be an expensive proposition so, before forking over considerable coin, get the 411 about leathers.

Check out the Pig, ManBiker Leather Jackets

No, no…not our law enforcement friends, but what some people call “soft” leather or pigskin. This type of leather is very thick yet extremely soft and will, indeed, keep your bod warm during cold winter months. Adding to a great feel is good looks as well. Although a possible top choice for its luxurious looks and feel, pigskin can tear easily. This choice might work for walking around attire but when seeking protection, soft leather such as pig or lambskin doesn’t work well when choosing your riding motorcycle leathers. Stay away from pigskin and choose riding-grade for riding.

Where the Buffalo Roam
Here is an extremely high-quality leather choice but don’t be fooled – it isn’t from a native American bison (buffalo) but is the hide cultivated from a water buffalo, typically native to Pakistan or India. The Pakistanis are internationally renowned for their leather manufacturing expertise. Motorcycle leathers made from buffalo hides are very thick, measuring at least 1.2mm. They are produced either through top-grain or naked leather processing. They are not easy to tear making a durable choice for motorcycle leathers.

Commonly Used Cowhide is Very Strong
Cowhide is the most commonly used material manufacturing motorcycle leathers. It can be very thick, 1-1.3mm, depending upon what tanning process is used. It provides natural warmth while protecting the wearer against road rash when a crash occurs. The most desirable of cowhide for biker gear is top grain leather. This is made from the top of the animal skin and is noted by small bumps all across it where hair follicles were once located. Top grain apparel is usually stiff when first purchased and needs to be “broken in” before it can be comfortably worn.

However, it is the ultimate riding-grade leather that is stylishly good-looking, offers great protection, chosen by bikers worldwide.

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