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What Types Of Motorcycle Battery Is Best For Me?

Yuasa Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery!There are many manufacturers of motorcycle batteries and depending on your bike and how you feel about maintenance and some other factors the answer to this question can vary. Also if price is a factor you will find a battery that requires you to add the chemicals and water in to be cheap compared to a motorcycle battery with gel cells. Either unit will do the Job of starting the bike and allowing you to operate all your electronics.

The most common motorcycle batteries use the same basic components as your car but everything is more compact so you can mount the unit under a seat or in between the frame or some place that gets it out of the way. A 12 volt bike battery is made of a plastic outer shell with cells inside containing a set of negative and positive lead plates which are then suspended in a solution of sulfuric acid. This combination causes an electro chemical reaction which is converted in to electrical energy.

There are several draw backs to these types of batteries. They can self-discharge as well as you do need to make sure that the plates stay submerged in the sulfuric acid or Sulfation will set in which is simply what happens when the plates start to get a sulfate buildup preventing them to take a full charge and therefore operate at a lower amperage then they should. There are wet units that do not require any maintenance just like their gel counterparts.

This type of motorcycle battery will be shipped dry with the battery empty and the sulfuric acid sealed in a container ready to be inserted in to the battery upon arrival. Most of these batteries are easy to fill. You simply take the container that the sulfuric acid is in and line it up with the holes in the batteries body. Usually an easy to puncture film is all that keeps the sulfuric acid in its separate containers which are joined. Once you line up the container with the holes in the battery and join the two it will puncture the film and allow for the sulfuric acid to enter the battery cells. Once that is done you cap the cells with provided caps and charge it. Once that is done its ready to be mounted in the motorcycle. You will need to check the cells periodically and see if the cells are full if they are not add some distilled water and top each cell off.

Gel Motorcycle BatteryGel bike batteries which are your other choice in a battery for you are designed to be maintenance free. This type of battery is usually completely sealed and maintenance free. Your other advantage when buying a motorcycle battery of this type is that it can be mounted in any position without having to worry about spilling anything. Gel batteries also have a greater resistance to extreme temperatures as well as vibration and shock which is common when riding bikes. Now this type of unit will usually be a bit more expensive but will usually last twice as long as their wet counterparts.

Another thing you will most likely decide to invest in is a battery tender. These units will keep your battery charged and ready for when you are ready to go out and ride. When you start to look at these units do not opt for the cheap 10 dollar units but rather invest in one that will turn off when the battery is full and will only give it a full charge and then stay turned off until needed again. Overcharging of a motorcycle battery is just as bad for it as keeping it undercharged. If you decide to get a gel battery than be sure you get a charger that is designed for those types of units.

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