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Mustang Motorcycle Seats History & Overview

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Mustang Motorcycle Seats came to life back in 1980. The founder of the company is Al Simmons and avid motorcycle enthusiast that started the business in a small spot with two employees and has since expanded it to one of the biggest manufacturers of custom motorcycle seats in the country. Mustang seats are currently made for all types of cruisers made in America as well as their metric counterparts. The name of the company was inspired by the P51 Mustang which is an airplane. Al Simmons saw the plane and said the next best thing to riding you bike down the road is going 400 miles per hour in a plane. So the name came from the P51 Mustang as well as the logo of the company.

Mustang Cyclone Solo Motorcycle SeatMustang motorcycle seats are very well constructed aftermarket seats made with quality materials right here in the good old USA. They make a fairly large variety of seats designed for all types of bikes as well as giving your bike a custom look and enhancing the quality of the seat. You will find that most OEM seats for bikes are made fairly cheaply and are really an afterthought and not a primary concern for the manufacturers of motorcycles. Manufacturers of bikes are more concerned with horsepower and handling rather than the comfort and looks of a seat.

Well this is where mustang motorcycle seats come in to play. The primary concern of this company is to provide a quality motorcycle seat that looks exceptional and will give you the outmost in comfort allowing you to ride long distances without discomfort. You will find that most companies that solely focus on making seats have that focus where everyone else is concerned with all the other things that go in to a bike.

Mustang Two Piece Motorcycle SeatMustang makes both solo seats and two passenger seats as well as sissy bar pads and driver backrest. Rain covers are also available while their seats are water resistant they are not completely water proof. Not to worry if it does get wet there are drain holes at the bottom of the pan to allow the water to drain.

Some of the things to look for in a quality aftermarket motorcycle seat is exactly what you will find in a mustang seat:

A quality seat pan made from a 16 gauge steel or a marine grade fiberglass. These are then finished with a high gloss gel coat or powder coating.

The foam is the most important component when it comes to long term comfort. The quality of the foam as well as the proper shaping of it to contour to to the shape of the body are the two critical factors when it comes to comfort. The foam compound is critical when it comes to comfort. The foam needs to be soft enough to be comfortable but resilient enough to stand up to hours and hours of use and not collapse. If this is not the case you will find that your butt is sitting on the seat pan which is going to be quite uncomfortable.

The cover of a custom motorcycle seat is what gives it that custom look. That kind of quality finish cannot be achieved by a machine but really does require hands on craftsman ship. Mustang motorcycle seats regardless of the fact that they are mass produced are still largely crafted by hand which gives them that handmade custom look that we are all after when upgrading from a stock bench. Covers are made from quality leather or a top grade vinyl.

Things to look for to determine if a cover is made to be of quality are as follows:

  1. Seams should be sown twice to give them added strength and therefore longevity.
  2. The bottom edge should be hemmed.
  3. The edge of the seat should be finished with a braid.
  4. The cover and stitch pattern should enhance the look of the seat.
  5. The stitching should be evenly spaced and uniform.

You will find that Mustang motorcycle seats incorporate all of these components in their construction.

We are happy to be able to offer these quality and yet affordable seats to you on our site. If you have questions in regards to one of these please call us at 281-762-1283 or contact us via email.

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