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Prevent theft by getting a alarm for your bike.

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Motorcycle Alarms

 Whether it is a Harley Electroglide, a Honda CBR race bike, or a 50cc learner machine that you use to get from A to B, your motorcycle should be something that you are proud to ride, and something that you want to protect.  There is nothing worse than coming out of work or a shop only to find that some low life has stolen your pride and joy, and as anyone who has had their motorbike stolen will tell you, getting it back is hard, but getting the insurance company to cough up the cash to replace it is even harder! 

There are a number of things that any biker can do in order to protect their machine, but one of the most effective things that you can do to prevent it getting stolen is to fit one of the many available motorcycle alarms to it so that you are given an audible warning if anyone tries tampering with it when they shouldn’t. 

There are all manner of motorcycle alarms available that range from the basic to the advanced, and choosing the right one for your needs can be tough.  The first thing to remember is that you should buy an appropriate one for the value of your bike – there is no sense in spending thousands on the most technologically advanced device on the planet to protect a bike that is only worth a fraction of the cost of the alarm.  Under those circumstances, you only need a simple device to act as a deterrent. 

It is advisable that no matter where you buy your alarm from, you have it fitted by a professional. Although the electronics of a motorcycle are much simpler than a car, getting the job of fitting the alarm right is essential, particularly if you have chosen one that includes additional features such as an electronic tracking unit or an immobilizer, which many modern motorcycle alarms do these days. 

The simplest alarm system for a bike is a portable and removable one which simply attaches like a chain around the front or back wheel, and if someone tries to remove it or ride the bike while it is armed, lets out a high pitched wail.  These kinds of alarms are recommended for smaller bikes which do not necessarily have a reliable internal battery.  They are easily fitted and removed (if you have the key), and are a great alternative for anyone who has a limited budget, or simply does not want to spend a fortune on their alarm. 

In order to get the maximum protection for your bike from thieves, getting an alarm system that includes an electronic immobilizer is a great option.  By integrating the engine immobilizer into the alarm, a thief who tries to steal your bike will find that aside from a deafening siren drawing attention to them, the bike’s engine will not start when they try to get away, making it highly likely that they will be caught. 

Generally, an immobiliser requires a special coded key to unlock it, so this will give you really good protection from thieves, although they can still find a way around certain systems, which is where a tracker comes in. 

Many modern motorcycle alarms now feature complex GPS based tracking devices.  When the bike is stolen, the system is activated remotely, and the location of the bike can be pinpointed using the latest technology.  This means that it is much more likely that you will get your bike back after it has been stolen.  Such alarms also include many security measures to prevent the bike being stolen in the first place of course.

The most important aspect of choosing an alarm for your bike is to make the most of your budget, to protect your bike without bankrupting yourself, and remember that an alarm is no substitute for being careful about where you leave your bike, or being forgetful and leaving the keys in the ignition by mistake. 

For more specifics on motorcycle alarms that we carry please visit our online catalog.

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