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Scorpion motorcycle street helmets come in either the exo 400 or exo 700 version. The Exo 700 series is made from a Fiberglass / Kevlar mix and the Exo 400 is made from Polycarbonate. In the 700 line there are 4 different models available: Solid, Fury, Geronimo and Raider. Exo 400's come in 3 different models: Octane, Warhawk, and Solid. All of these helmets are so reasonably priced that they are the best bang for the buck available. Technology that is generally used in $600 helmets is used in these at half the cost.

Every Exo Scorpion Helmet made is made with  the most rigid quality standards in the industry. It doesn’t matter if its a Exo 400 or 700 the same high quality standards are imposed on both. Scorpion owns and operates its own helmet factory to insure quality. These helmets are made just like the $600 helmets you see. The reason they are able to make a helmet that runs around $200 is because the entire helmet and all of its components are made directly by Scorpion where most helmet companies buy there parts from other companies at a premium or even the entire helmet and then place there own brand name on the finished product. Since Scorpion produces all there own components and manufactures the entire helmet themselves they are able to produce a high quality product with out several middle man in between driving up the prices on components and such. The only thing they do not produce in house is the face shield which is produced close by in an equally advanced and controlled facility. With this in mind the only difference between a$600 helmet and a Scorpion motorcycle helmet is the money. So more money in your pocket and a quality helmet that not only is made meticulously but also looks as good as any other helmet out there. All these helmets are made to conform to Snell Certification standards.

Every Fiberglass / Kevlar Scorpion Exo is made is laid up by hand over a 4C grade chrome coated, precisely heated carbon steel mold. This is after the fabric has been precisely cut and the polyurethane resin has been carefully weighed. An airbag is used inside the mold that ensures that the resin completely saturates the fabric which gives the best weight to strength ratio. After this process is finished every helmet is measured to ensure that there is uniform thickness as well as uniform strength.  

Polycarbonate Composite Scorpion Helmets are made from the same material that jet fighter canopies are made of. One can imagine that this material is very tough if it is being used in such an application. Scorpion uses this same material and makes it in to a helmet shell using an advanced process called thermo-set injection molding.

After the helmets are produced they are fitted and finished in a futuristic clean room and painted. High quality water decals are added to make Scorpion Exo patterned helmets come alive in exciting colors and patterns. All are clear coated with a glass smooth  protective coating. This is done over the paint as well as the decals to ensure a long lasting durable finish. This finish is so durable that if your helmet pick up a streak or mark from say you accidentally rubbing a wall in your house the streak will come right off in most cases  using common automotive polishing compound. The finish is basically harder as well as being more durable then most finishes it is going to come in contact with.

The face shield system on there Street helmets is just as revolutionary as the rest of the Helmets Scorpion produces. Using there own trademarked Speedshift system you can change the face shield in 10 seconds even with your gloves on and while wearing the helmet that’s how easy it is. The Everclear no fog face shield which is also trademarked by this company features a coating that prevents the shield from fogging even if you are breathing heavy cause your tearing thru some twisties or its a humid day.

The ventilation system and Aerodynamics on Scorpion motorcycle helmets are made to be top of the line. The Aerodynamics are tested in  Dan Gurney’s All American Racers’ Indy Car wind tunnel. The main thing is to prevent lift during high speeds. The Exo 's spent as much time in the tunnel that it took to fine tune them for optimal ventilation and minimum lift.

All liners on Scorpio Exo's are made with KwickWick liner material. This liner is made to draw away sweat from your skin to help it evaporate as quickly as possible. The evaporation actually helps the cooling process and keeps you more comfortable. All of us that ride know that helmets can get mighty uncomfortable especially when its hot and humid. KwickWick is made to help draw away that sweat and to let the ventilation system do its job and cool you down. All the liners can be popped out and thrown in the washing machine to keep your Scorpion helmet from smelling.


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