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DOT Or Snell Approved Motorcycle Helmets For Safety

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How can a good motorcycle helmet save your life!

Beanie HelmetDepending on the rider and their attitude towards motorcycle helmets you will find bikers riding without a helmet completely or maybe a half helmet or a beanie. I believe in our right to choose and support that a motorcycle helmet be optional and not required by law. As much as it is a safety feature I believe every individual has the right to choose. Unfortunately we lose our rights to choose so many things these days. This is one of the freedoms we still enjoy in some states and hopefully it will continue to stay this way.

Ok now having said all that a good DOT and or Snell approved motorcycle helmet can have an impact on if you survive a crash. Basically anything between you and the road in case of a crash is going to offer some sort of protection however minimal.

Buy a DOT and or Snell approved helmet for safety!
The DOT standards and Snell Standards vary and are quite lengthy so if you would like to read them in their entirety you can follow the links to the corresponding PDF's. DOT PDF, Snell PDF. The Snell standard is quite interesting and more extensive. If you are looking for the best helmet for safety then one that carries both certifications is the best choice.Full Face Helmet

The modern motorcycle helmet has come a long way. Even in the last ten years there have been vast improvements to how they are constructed. The weight has been drastically reduced and therefore less fatigue on the riders neck as well as getting buffeting from the wind. I remember my first helmet would get caught in the wind and it would feel like my head was coming off and now my new helmet just floats in the breeze without a problem. It also does not fog up and the air vents really get great airflow thru the helmet which is a huge deal if you live in a hot climate.

Now like I said I believe in having a choice when it comes to deciding to wear head gear or not. I have honestly ridden both ways and I do enjoy the wind in my face as well as better visibility when no head gear is present. The nice thing about wearing one is that bugs just splatter on the visor when you wear a full face, rain drops don’t hurt and when it’s cold out it keeps your noggin warm.

So what choices do you have?
There are many choices when it comes to finding the right motorcycle helmet. You can choose from many great manufacturers as well as styles. You can go with a full face, half face, a beanie or a skull cap which are the smallest. For protection full face helmets are going to be your best choice from a safety stand point. If you are in the market for any type of motorcycle gear and need some help give us a call and let us help you decide or answer any questions you might have about a particular item. 

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