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Why Wear A Full Face Helmet

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Full Face Motorcycle Helmet By NolanMany bikers believe it is their God-given right to ride the path sans a protective helmet. Many purists believe riding without a helmet is the only way riding was meant to be "with the wind in your hair," so to speak. So wearing a full face helmet is out of the question for those that believe this. Yet, 25 years ago only three U.S. states allowed bikers to go helmetless. Now, in the 21 st century of "easy-to-litigate anything," 30 states allow drivers beyond the age of 18 before riding "hatless." But, states like Florida require motorcycle riders to carry a minimum of $10,000 personal injury protection. It may not be enough to compensate for someone wearing a full face helmet which give the maximum protection.

Stats Prove Freedom Isn't Free
A recent report published by the Snell Memorial Foundation indicates about two-thirds of all motorcycle riders have no insurance. Additionally, bikers not wearing motorcycle helmets typically wind up with accidents averaging medical costs up to $55,000 -- something taxpayers have to pay -- and the report suggests the public and insurance companies could annually save $10 billion if all bikers were to wear helmets. So, controversy set aside, what helmet should a biker wear?

AGV HelmetFull Face Helmet is Popular Choice
Putting aside questions of personal freedom, bikers choosing to protect a noggin' tend to choose a full face helmet because this style delivers the greater amount of protection. A this type of helmet provides total protection coverage for the entire head -- front and back. Add the extra benefit for a built-in eye protector in the form of a visor, or face shield, and users can choose for tinting or not. There are many popular brands from which to choose including:

Scorpion -- This complete line of helmets are all Snell certified, so a nod of praise goes out to Scorpion for all efforts accomplishing this feat. Helmet shells are constructed of a fiberglass/Kevlar composite and never a polycarbonate material.

HJC -- offers a new line of motorcycle helmets that offer the latest technology that includes fiberglass shell construction with an integrated one-touch sunshield

Nolan -- offers a line of helmets that feature easy-to-operate one-handed vents that produce cooling air flow along with UV Lexan face shields blocking at 100 percent

AGV -- full face helmets offer a thermoplastic shell construction featuring chin, side and top sir vents along with an easy-to-use anti-fog visor operating mechanism

Suomy -- offers an aggressively creative and colorfully designed line of full face helmets made from extremely lightweight Structurally Enhance Composite fiber weaved shell

Icon HelmetWhy Wear a Full Face
When it comes to safety, a full face helmet is definitely the best investment. For the serious road warrior on the latest trek to some bike rally somewhere (Sturgis, Daytona), wearing a this kind of helmet will seem like a genius move if rain pelts down, dust flies up and around or those biological missiles (flying insects) attack. Plus, all these helmets come well equipped with sufficient ventilation keeping bikers cool when rolling down the road.

High Tech Communication
Many newer  helmets  of this type come equipped with built-in communication systems so group riders can keep in touch, Or, can take advantage of built-in systems allowing riders to access music from radio or CDs.

Selecting a full face helmet remains a personal choice needing good consideration. A half face or beanie will offer you protection but as far as safety is concerned these helmets can't be beat.

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